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August 17, 2010

Pepperita & Sweet, Sweet Texas Tea

When a bottle of this arrives on your doorstep, you thank the blogging gods:

Treaty Oak Rum

When you bring a bottle of this back to Aspen to enjoy a little taste of Texas, you get nostalgic for 100-degree days. Only for a moment.

Graham’s Texas Tea. My favorite sweet tea vodka yet–it actually tastes like good southern tea!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

When you combine the rum (yep, I went back to the rum) with some jalapenos, agave, lime, and club soda, you get this:

image from


I call it a rum rita, the people at Treaty Oak fancy it a Texas take on a traditional daiquiri… I don’t really care what you call it, it’s damn good!

Here’s the recipe:

2 oz Treaty Oak Platinum Rum
1 oz agave nectar*
1 oz fresh lime juice
3 fresh jalapeno slices**
3 oz club soda
Shake first three ingredients with two of the jalapeno slices.  Strain over ice, top with club soda and garnish with remaining jalapeno slice.

*I don’t like agave, so I just omitted it. It’s clearly less sweet but I think it still works and is still refreshing.

**Don’t be tempted to get all big Tex on the recipe and think you can handle more heat. I LOVE spice and this was PERFECT. Others complained it was too spicy (wimps). In any case, start slow and build the heat if you need to.

Treaty Oak Rum is available all over Austin and most of Central Texas. The Texas Tea is just now available at Spec’s, Twin Liquors AND Western Beverages – it launched this summer so follow the facebook and twitter accounts for drink specials around town, events, promotions, recipes, and more!

April 17, 2009

Trendwatch Update: Bleached-out denim + Bright Yellow

In honor of a rainy day/weekend you just might spend shopping, I wanted to add a little extra inspiration for ya (ladies):

Click through to get brands if you want the exact pieces.

October 7, 2008

Now, a Diatribe on White Pants*

*And other fashiony things I need to get off my chest

It’s really hot in Austin, I know. A “cold front” came through tonight and we all got excited because it dropped to 80, but by the time I’m walking around downtown at noon tomorrow, it’ll be 1,956 degrees again and I’ll be sweating through my nice clothes. I understand.

But it is still October. Yes, ladies and gentleman, October. This means white pants are over. You weren’t supposed to wear white pants after Labor Day (ahem, SEPTEMBER 1), but maybe you could get away with it for another week or two because it’s so damn hot, and white is just that much cooler. Maybe they’re white linen. Maybe they’re white cotton pants. Whatever they are, however much they feel like a/c on your legs, it is now October and you simply cannot wear them anymore.

Wear a brown pant. Bust out the plaids you’ve been saving. Bring on the tweed, the wool gabardine, the plain wool. Switch into some winter-y fabrics … if you wear it, the cool will come. Or either you’ll sweat your face off, but you were doing that anyway and at least now you’re in the right season!

Suggested pairings:


+ keep rocking your darker-colored sleeveless tops with your winter pants. It’s called compromise.

+ Bring out the sweater dresses! Bare legs are a go at this point.

+ SUMMER (FALL) SCARF. If you don’t know already, I LOVE the summer scarf. Lightweight. Super-cute. Trendy. Rock it now and you’ll look more Fall, but have the same breeziness of summer.

+ some summer dresses (the darker knits, the shifts) can be made fall fab with long sweater jackets or sweater vests. love layers for transition times like this!

+ Shorts are over. MAYBE to a UT football game. MAYBE on a weekend afternoon. Otherwise, pack ’em up ’til next spring. I’ll let you know when you can bring them out again.


+ Don’t you just wear suits anyway?

+ Shorts are an almost-year-round-staple, and I get that. So if you’re still in shorts mode, fine, just don’t wear the plaid patchwork, pastels, neons, and whale-printed ones, please.

+ I don’t know what else to tell you. You really shouldn’t be wearing white linen pants in the first place, and if you are, probably won’t listen to my style cues anyway.

+ Try the man-scarf. I’m telling you all, scarves are it this season. Be bold. Wear a marf. Or just a scarf

(… I’m trying to increase my fashion coverage. Let me know what you think–love it or leave it?)

August 28, 2008

No more phonebooks, hooray!

I was just having this conversation with a friend yesterday:

Him: “What’s up with phone books? They’re stupid, they go straight from my doorstep to my recycling bin. I wish they’d stop sending them to me.”

Me: “I used mine to hold up my bed frame for awhile … but I agree. No one uses them anymore! They’re so bad for the environment.”

And then I open TWO emails today touting a new website for getting rid of the phoneboko delivery! The funnier one read like this:

STOP Unsolicited Phone Book Delivery
Cease the distribution of unnecessary phone directories to your home and/or office.
Why: Green is the new yellow.
Where: Online at

… It might just be a petition, I can’t really tell. But do it either way.

August 27, 2008


The new bar opened last night, and I LOVE it!! It’s pretty awesome–rooftop, open sides, retractable glass roof, stone and water decor everywhere … and of course, the best bartenders in Austin! (A good friend is the GM, and he brought the best of the best with him from stints at Brown Bar and Prague)

They have a few specialty cocktails, like red and white sangrias, pineapple-infused vodka, a frozen black cherry limeade, and a mint margarita. They also have a small but looks-to-be-stellar food menu that they’re starting to serve today.

I was surprised at the number of people out last night–it’s a Tuesday!–but it was a fashionable, well-heeled crowd, though definitely more laid-back than, say, a Terrace 59 crowd. Lanai is already drawing Terrace 59 comparisons, as both are rooftop with oversize lounging spots, but Lanai has a brighter, airy-er feel than Terrace 59 (and I used to work there, so I would know).

It also has a half-birdcage swing, so it can’t take itself too seriously!


Lanai is open 4pm-2am, with happy hour 4-8pm with $1 off drinks and food. It’s on the corner of 5th & Congress (my fave corner!), the door is between Prague and the corner on 5th. Go visit Lanai sometime this week!

August 4, 2008

Moonshine Brunch

So I’ve been talking about Moonshine’s brunch for over a month now, and finally went yesterday. It was awesome! We arrived around noon (the brunch runs 10-2:30), and they told us the wait would be about 45 minutes to an hour for a table of 5. We snagged spots at the bar and were seated in just 30 minutes–always a pleasant surprise! My friends sipped on bloody marys and scarlet mimosas (with pomegranate) and reported that they were delicious.

I, however, was saving all of my calories for the buffet. There are tons of options, and my vegetarian (but egg-eating) friend was every bit as satisfied as the rest of us. I had read crazy-good reviews of the white chocolate bread pudding, and while it was really good, it might have been too built up to live up to the hype. I preferred the cappuccino bundt cake, which was crumbly and moist–and I don’t normally like coffee cake. Eat dessert first?

Standouts from the rest of the buffet for me were the green eggs (basil pesto!) and the green chile cheese grits. I didn’t know I liked grits, until yesterday! They also had a cute little mini bagels, dill cream cheese, and salmon station that my friends took to calling the salmon nibblets, and they went back several times for more nibblets. They also had mini biscuits and gravy and mini quiche, which I liked because then you could try a little of everything without committing to a huge piece. The fruit and salad were also fresh and tasty, though I would have liked more stand-alone vegetables, not mixed into scrambles.

For $15.95, I was happy. I don’t think I’ll become a regular, but I’d love to go back. It was definitely a fun see-and-be-seen scene, with young professionals everywhere in their last-night’s-clothes finest. It’s worth the wait!


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