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June 11, 2012

Austin: Turtle Summer on Barrio Sixth

turtle racing in austin

All four Austin-area locations of Little Woodrow’s will host a 12-week turtle-racing extravaganza. June 18 through Sept. 3, each of four Little Woodrow’s will host weeknight turtle-racing events: Tuesdays at Southpark Meadows, Wednesdays at Parmer Lane, Thursdays in Bee Cave, and Fridays on Sixth Street.

A testament to turtle tenacity, the Little Woodrow’s turtle-racing events pit six quick-footed turtles—each donning stickers with designated numbers that represent their sponsors—in a caged race to reach one of six sponsor buckets at the outer-lying edges of the race cage. Place bets on which turtle will win and get the chance to win prizes including T-shirts and Woodrow’s bucks.

star barrio austin

Join West Sixth staple Star Bar for their summer Star Barrio from 4pm to 2am every Thursday starting June 14.

FREE nacho bar starting at 7p and drink specials including barrio favorites Mexican Bulldogs, Mexican Beer, Ghost Pepper Tequila, and Palomas. Happy Hour 4-7p with additional drink specials all night.

More summer fun:

Sunday: Geeks Who Drink at 7p / $10 combo with Yumi Burger for a burger and an adult milkshake$3 local drafts

Monday: All-Night Happy Hour

Tuesday: Texas Tuesdays / $3 local drafts and $3 Deep Eddy all night

Wednesday: Wine and Cheese Night / Complimentary Antonelli’s cheese plate (three artisan cheeses, charcuterie, organic grapes and waterwheel flatbreads) with all half or full bottles of wine

May 24, 2011

Austin & Aspen: Top Ten Party Towns

USA Today names 10 destinations for bar-hopping all over the world. I’m not saying I agree or not (Ohio instead of Monaco??), but it is important to note that, naturally, my two homes are in the top ten:

Aspen, Colorado 

“As far as mountain towns go, Aspen is one of the few that holds up in summer and winter,” Cockrell says. “Of course it has the usual ski-bum haunts, but it also has places like 39 Degrees Lounge, an urban-style oasis with a pool frequented by a chic crowd. In Aspen, you can have any type of night out you want within its few main streets.”

True, Aspen is hoppin’ summer and winter, and there are bars for all types.

Austin, Texas

“So many great bars here, just choose a street — South Congress, East Sixth Street, South Lamar — to get your fix, then end your night at one of the nation’s greatest food carts (download the AustinFoodCarts app to find out where they are),” Cockrell says. New bars on the east side include Yellow Jacket Social Club and Eastside Showroom. “South Lamar is a little more authentic Austin,” Cockrell says. “Don’t miss the laid-back Barton Springs Saloon, a repurposed gas station with a pool table and pinball machines, or the super divey Horseshoe Lounge.”

Also true. Pick a mood, pick a corresponding street, and then go.

The other 8? Listed below.
Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dublin, Ireland
Williamsburg neighborhood, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Ohio City neighborhood, Cleveland
Seville, Spain
Portland, Oregon
New Orleans, Louisiana

Yeah, I only see nine too… good work USA Today.

August 25, 2010

Austin: Dogwood Grand Opening

Everyone loves the Bachelor Bars (an article I wrote in 2007!): Molotov, The Marq, Chuggin’ Monkey, Dizzy Rooster, and Thirsty Nickel. In the old Mother Egan’s spot next door to Molotov, the brothers bachelor (Brad, Chad, & Wes Womack) and partner Jason Carrier have reinvented the pub with a distinctly Southern flare. They’ve been open for a few weeks now–and they’ve already hosted a Maxim party–and have gotten rave reviews on yelp, with people very excited about the laid-back but slightly upscale atmosphere.

The GRAND OPENING of The Dogwood Austin kicks off at 4pm today, Wednesday August 25th!

Free apps from 6-8pm (or maybe 10? reports vary) and the first 250 guests will receive a complimentary gift (rumored to be a free T-shirt stuffed in a mason jar they’ll fill with free Sweet Tea Vodka all night long)! $4 featured drink menu.

Perhaps the best thing about Dogwood? An only-in-Austin tap of frozen Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, surrounded by metal and ice so it’ll always be freeeeeezing cold. Graham’s Texas Tea may be better than Deep Eddy, but it doesn’t come out of frozen tap (except maybe at your house). Also, four sangrias (one made with whiskey!), 6 local beers on tap, and a “Skinny Menu” for summer lovers watching their calories.

Southern boys are just so thoughtful, aren’t they?

July 30, 2010

Austin: New Sunday Brunch at J. Black’s

It’s been awhile since I’ve ventured away from Moonshine or The Carillon for Sunday Brunch, something I take seriously. Those two perennial all-stars are just too good! But I got word today that there’s a new contender: J. Black’s.


Before you write it off as the place you don’t want to revisit from the night before, let’s talk about their Mix-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar. I’ve long held an I-don’t-really-like-Bloody-Marys stance, but after several poolside visits to Aspen’s St. Regis for a $5 Bloody Mary that is absolutely phenomenal, I’m changing my tune. I don’t really like MOST Bloodys, that is, the ones that are all tomato and no flare. We’ve had this revelation before (hi, Frank’s), but it always feels like the first time.

J. Black’s Bloody Mary bar isn’t the first in town, but it’s versatile: start with Austin’s own Tito’s vodka, then add your standard favorites, including things that aren’t so standard like fiery horseradish (must!), cherry peppers, cocktail onions, and pickled okra (only in the South).

Of course Union Park is doing a brunch too, and has been for over a year. Why another? Owner Sean Fric says, “West Sixth Street has become so much more than a center for Austin nightlife. The growth in our corner of downtown, especially with all of the new residents, has increased daytime foot traffic and we felt there was a demand for more dining options. At J. Black’s we’ve always tried to be a place for all occasions, so brunch just made sense to us.”

The brunch food (not a buffet, sadly) features an Open Faced Egg Sandwich, Breakfast Pizza, and their signature “Title Tacos,” one commemorating each year of the University of Texas’ National Championships. These breakfast tacos are made with farm fresh eggs(!!) and  pulled pork, onions, and smoked gouda (1969) or portobello mushrooms, arugula, sundried tomatoes, shallots, and goat cheese (2005).

Brunch menu is available Sunday from 11am-4pm.

July 29, 2010

Aspen: Gym Breakdown

Even though I love CrossFitting in Nature’s Garage Gym and doing HIIT sprints at the dog park , there are times when I want nothing more than to pick up some heavy weights or swing some kettlebells. Potentially around some sweaty, grunting men. While I was in Aspen over the winter, I worked out at Bleeker Street Gym, which is still my fave. But I had to explore the other options in town too, to make sure I wasn’t missing anything …

1) Bleeker Street Gym

Of course it doesn’t have a website, because this is the bodybuilder’s gym where all the meatheads go, and they’re way too legit for that. Honestly, the gym is crowded with equipment, bodybuilding photos line every inch of wall space not consumed by mirrors (there’s not even a place for me to kick up for a handstand pushup), and it’s so low-tech that you sign in upon entry. Literally, on a piece of paper, with a pen–sign in. But Joe, the owner, is friendly and tough, and the clientele are mostly the same. It’s a good, solid gym and it’s definitely the cheapest in town.

It’s in Obermeyer Place – since there’s no website, you’ll have to just drop by. This town continues to amaze me with its low-tech lifestyle.

2) Aspen Club & Spa

Let’s not lie: I can’t afford to join the Aspen Club & Spa. It’s tailor-made for Aspenites, the kind of Aspenites that give Aspen its reputation: they fly in on private planes, take private Pilates lessons, eat at private dinner clubs, and want private hot tubs and steam rooms in their private gym, assuming it’s not in their private home. Naturally, the allure isn’t in the PRIVACY inasmuch as the exclusivity possessing privacy declares.

Anyway, I occasionally weasel my way in to the Aspen Club & Spa because I actually like the people who work there, and I enjoy working out in the brightly-lit, double-high-ceilinged main gym floor, despite the fact that I have to share the elbow room of my olympic lifting space with the bench press. The facilities are top-notch and both classes and personal trainers are plentiful. It’s really a destination, complete with spa, salon, and cafe.

3) Jean-Robert’s Gym & JR’s Gym Downstairs

The multi-level gym has very different personalities. The top, Jean-Robert’s Gym, is upscale, sleek, shiny, with all-red equipment, wood floors, and lots of windows. They have the latest in cardio equipment (including one of those crazy treadmills that doesn’t put stress on your knees), naturally, and all the weights match. I didn’t see anyone working out while I was up there.

I took my workout down to JR’s, the windowless literal basement of a gym that used to be the Aspen Athletic Club. It’s a maze of multiple layers with equipment crammed in where it can fit, but I had room to weightlift and they had a rower, so my CrossFit self was happy. The people down there were there to get in and get out–not unfriendly, but no sense of camaraderie. The most remarkable thing to me was the two-lane lap pool, whirpool, and–get this–ice bath! The only gym I’ve ever been to that had an ice bath. You bet I enjoyed it, until I realized I could just go get in the river by my house to ice my poor sore self (see: me, broken, after the half marathon I ran recently).

And there you have it, folks. The three gyms in Aspen. There are some other boutique personal training gyms (like the one with the owner who told me he was too expensive for me–without me asking a single question), but these are the main “box” gyms!

May 1, 2009

I Ate Pork and I Liked It

In the midst of the Swine Flu media frenzy, I got an email about The Other White Meat Tour taking place this weekend. That’s right – pork. So my first question to the person who sent it to me was, “Um, have you watched the news?” Her response? “Yes, it is interesting timing … the CDC has noted that the virus is not transmitted through food and has also said that it has found no evidence to indicate that any of the human illnesses resulted from contact with pigs.”

So the Other White Meat Tour continues its quest for Austin’s #1 Pork Fan. Fans are invited to get out and rap for ribs, dance for pork tenderloin, or whatever they can think up to win the chance to visit NYC and meet celebrity chef Guy Fieri on a panel of judges as they seek the winner of the national Next Pork Personality Contest. The winner also gets $500 to HEB. All attendees get to sample delicious free pork.

Perhaps the coolest thing about it is that for every person who enters the contest, America’s Pork Producers donate 10 pounds of pork to the Capital Area Food Bank of Austin, which makes about 50 meals/entry!

So swallow your pride, scrub your hands of swine flu, and make like the Houston winner, who covered Katy Perry’s song and called it “I Ate Pork and I Liked It” … I did have a video, but I can’t upload it to wordpress, so you just have to sing along in your own head.

Sat & Sun at the Old Pecan Street Festival, 1 – 3pm, winner is announced around 4pm on Sunday

April 16, 2009

More Thursday Happs

If you can’t make it out to Westlake for Tidbits, don’t fret: three other Thursday happs should keep you entertained, fed, and liquored up for free.

903Theresea Open House & Art Show

5-9pm: drinks, DJ, art show & giveaway! See two green, mod homes and enjoy free drinks, food–including new Cupcaker L’s Cupcake Cafe–music, and art show.

Ligne Roset Opening Reception

6-8:30pm: The first-ever Ligne Roset concept store in Austin is opening this Thursday in the 2nd Street District.  Ligne Roset is a furnishings company based in France making its debut in Austin. Free St. Germain’s specialty cocktails infused with elderflower liqueur. RSVP here.

Ligne Roset flyer

1/2 Price Day at Little Woodrow’s on the Drag

3pm-2am: Half-price EVERYTHING at Little Woodrow’s. 100+ beers, bottles, draft, can, mimosas …  3-7p is Happy hour and you can combine the two to get even cheaper beer. What?!

The regular Thursday night special is Giant Mug Night with $4 domestic & premium drafts. $3 mimosas. Half price applies to this too–Little Woodrow’s is practically GIVING BEER AWAY. Geez. Do it.
April 4, 2009

Busy Sunday! 12th & Lamar Block Party + The Grind

12th & Lamar Open House

Live Local Love Local Shop Local from 1 to 4 pm.

Snag free food, beverages, and a card that will get you a discount all summer at participating shops, boutiques and restaurants in this little nugget of Austin retail. Awesome!

Flora and Fauna
Austin Land and Cattle
The Tavern
Fete Accompli
Word of Mouth
Crystal Works
Ace Tailors

Castle Hill

Food For Fitness

The Grind

This event will feature professional wake boarders competing in a rail jam for major awards, along with live music by over 6 alternative rock bands, great food, graphite artist exhibits, custom boat accessories by numerous vendors, wakeboard accessories, wakeboard instructional sessions, a showcase of the latest wake board boats, and much more. Get ready for another great boating season and enjoy some high flying shows and great music. We will also have Skateboarding competitions by pro athletes, skateboarding gear, and a street bike show. Tickets $10 at the gate including all service charges Children 5 and under Free with an adult.

Location: MLK and Congress Ave.

Time: 11am – 10pm

Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, Black and White Years, Riverboat Gamblers, Dremnt the End

March 25, 2009

Art + Style Happy Hour

Art Alliance Austin kicks off a month-long Second Street ART + STYLE series with a happy hour at new hot spots La Condesa and upstairs bar Malverde (if you haven’t heard of these two, you clearly don’t read my blog enough. I’ve raved about the drinks too many times to count, and the food isn’t half bad either, if expensive…) today from 6-8PM.

Complimentary appetizers (!!!) and 42 Below Vodka drink specials

Artists Sodalitas and Cruz Ortiz will discuss their works currently installed at La Condesa and Malverde. or the flier below for more details:

Art + Style

March 21, 2009

SXSW 2009: Saturday’s Schedule

I’m in Houston for Beer Bike, our biggest, weirdest event where people start boozing at 6am. But here I am at a Keggs ‘n Eggs party, making sure the good people in Austin know what to do today. I would recommend a Venti Starbucks coffee with whisky, but that’s just me. Anyway, the top 5 for today:

1)  Rachael Ray Feedback Party at Maggie Mae’s. Love her or hate her, doesn’t matter, get to her party early and you’ll still have to wait in line but it’s totally worth it because OMG the food! Bourbon BBQ chicken last year blew me away. Plus good drinks like mojitos and buzz band like Hold Steady, New York Dolls, Bob Schneider, The Cringe, and more. noon-5pm

2)  Rolling Stone Knuckle Rumbler at Peckerheads. It’s one of the nation’s most iconoic magaines plus free RED Light Energy Drink, Sailor Jerry’s Rum, Sweet Leaf Tea, Taco Cabana, Southern Comfort Happy Hour, goodies from Gelaskins. The STELLAR lineup includes Lady Sovereign and a “Special Guest.” 1-7pm

3) Restop SXSW 2009 at Copa. Listed only for the humor of this: “Jew-food flown in from New York City.” Free drinks, bagels, lox & free flasks to the first 50 people. JDub bands Golem, Deleon, Girls in Trouble, and friends, Fools Gold Rafi.1pm-?

4) If you’ve got an invite, you must hit Perez Hilton’s One Night in Austin. Despite the questionable choice of Beyonce-baby-sis Solange, the rest of his diva-themed lineup looks great. 

5)  The Big One at the do512 Compund on S Lamar. The website/calendar/go-to guide has really come into its own this year, and is throwing a party with Sweet Leaf, Lone Star Beer, Savvy Vodka, and Rozone Productions. Unfortunately, it’s a destination as it’snot anywhere close to 6th. 2:30p-10p


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