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December 1, 2008

Iron Cactus Brunch

My friends and I are finally jumping on the brunch bandwagon socialites have been riding for years: what better way to rehash the night before than over hashbrowns and mimosas? Hair of the dog …

So we went to Moonshine awhile ago and loved it. Yesterday we hit a spot most of us didn’t even realize had a brunch: Iron Cactus. We went to the 6th Street location and requested a patio spot. Nestled into a primo corner table overlooking 6th Street at 1:30pm, we felt like kings and queens of the city.

Trekking down the stairs, we were excited for brunch. Walking through the buffet line, where lunch and breakfast options abound, we were excited. But once we started to eat, we were less excited. The clouds rolled in. We realized our food was only lukewarm. We turned on the space heater.

Of course, we all went back for seconds.

At $13.95 plus $4.95 for bottomless mimosas, you can’t really go wrong. But I think Moonshine’s brunch is better, so there are other places to try before I go back. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I hear Enoteca’s brunch is amazing …


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