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May 26, 2011

Sleep Better with WakeMate (or at least know how badly you’re sleeping!)

When I first heard about WakeMate, the wristband that measures your sleep and then wakes you up at the best part of your sleep cycle (within a window set by you), I had to have it. I was lucky enough to be gifted a WakeMate to try, and let me tell you: I love that thing!

Since sleep is such a huge priority for me right now, this WakeMate contraption couldn’t have come at a better time. First, it tracks my sleep stats—how long it took me to fall asleep, the quality of my sleep, when I woke up, etc—on the Wakelytics website. Here’s my recent activity:

WakeMate Screenshot

I need to get better sleep, right?? It’s so interesting to know your Wakealytics, and it definitely makes me more conscious of my bedtime and sleeping conditions. You can also set tags (you define things like “cranky”, “partner”, or “travel”) and track how those factors affect your sleep.

The second awesome feature of the WakeMate is the alarm. You pick when you need to wake up (say, 8:30am), and it tracks your sleep cycle to wake you up at the best point so you’re energized and not groggy within a 20-minute window (so you’ll wake between 8:10 and 8:30). The alarm is gentle, gaining in volume gradually. You’re supposed to wake up refreshed instead of groggy (this only works sometimes for me …)

As for the band, it’s super comfy, you definitely forget that it’s on while you’re sleeping:

wakemate wristband

I LOVE this gadget.

It’s $59.95, but the sleep info is priceless. Works on iphone, ipad, itouch, android, and blackberry. I rave about a lot of things, but if there’s one product that’s most affected my life since I’ve had it (about three weeks), it’s the WakeMate. Snap one up here.

October 28, 2008

Good Fashion!

I often post in posts and on that little side bar about all the things I see that make me upset/sad/angry that nobody’s mama taught them to dress as well as mine taught me. But in the spirit of being positive, I want to write a few notes about things that totally WORK that I’ve seen lately:


-Navy and black mixed together. Girl in a navy pencil skirt, black v-neck sweater, black stilettos, and orange medallion necklace. Perfectly put-together. Loved it.

-Mismatched prints! Magazines have been touting the fashion benefits of mixing up your prints for years, but I’ve only seen it pulled off well maybe twice. I don’t even know if I’m cool enough to try. But this badass girl at a coffee shop totally knocked out a black-and-white gingham tank with black-and-tan leopard-print cardigan and leopard-print shoes. Keep ’em close in color and mixing prints can be yours too!

-Red boots. Tucked into jeans. With a plain V-neck grey tee and long dangly necklace. Perfect laid-back cool.

-Shirt/vest/sweater with horizontal stripes, 1-inch thick, in just two colors. Not as big as rugby stripes but not as small as small stripes … very masculine chic, especially when paired with something unexpected like a pencil skirt or ladylike jewelry.

-I’m not normally a fan of the ’80s, but ’80s boots are back in a big way, and I love them. They are often flat–super comfy–and slouchy–super stylish–and hit just below the calf–making legs look skinny! Win-win-win!


-Pinstripes. Fellas, I love it when you’re bold, and I love it when it works out for you. Wear nice shoes with those pinstripes, match your pants to your shirt, and you guys are looking good.

-A striped rugby cardigan on a man. Yeah, it shocked me too that I liked it, but I suppose if you have the cajones to rock a cardigan, a rugby-striped one is about as manly as it could possibly be. In fact, I might just be into horizontal stripes this season.

-The thin-knit sweater. I had my doubts, but it definitely shows off a nice physique … that said, please have a nice physique if you’re going to wear one.


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