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July 6, 2012

Feel Good Friday 070612

Feel Good Friday is a roundup of the things that made me feel good or that I’m grateful for all week. Join me and leave your Feel Goods in the comments!

  • BBQ that turned into all-night adventure … when your friends wear outfits like this and hang out in art galleries until way past bars close, what else could you expect?


    he doesn’t have facebook so I have to post embarassing pics on the blog!

  • New crafts!
    bracelets <—from this pin

    magazine recycling bin

    Recycling bin made of recycled magazines

  • My girl crew. This week: late night phone calls, wine bombs and hunters, champagne + steaks + bikinis, black skinny jeans, and moby.
  • Writing about what is quite possibly my fave topic: giving + getting, shopping on sites that donate to charities.
  • I’m going to be honest, I’m struggling to find the good in some of the things that happened this week, but I know good must be there. More time to focus on myself, my personal growth, and figuring out what I really want.

See last week’s Feel Goods here.

March 28, 2012

10 Worst Things About Living in _______________

I came across a pretty funny list: The 10 Worst Things About Living in Las Vegas. I’m not particularly fond of Vegas myself from several visits, but this guy lived there and is extra funny about why it was terrible … It inspired me!

10 Worst Things About Living in Austin

  1. It’s hard to make a list about terrible things about living in Austin.
  2. The heat, when it’s above 110. Lower than that, you don’t really get to complain, you knew what you were getting in to.
  3. When there’s no water in Barton Creek and it’s above 110.
  4. That Barton Springs is closed on Thursdays. Who else accidentally goes every Thursday?!
  5. Everyone complaining about everyone else moving there from LA/Dallas/Brooklyn/fill in the blank. Guess what, that’s also why we got a google, a facebook, Neiman’s, crazy creative restaurants, and other good stuff. At least you were there first.
  6. Traffic during festival weekends. Austin was never prepared to be what it became.
  7. Insane amount of badass startsups, companies, and services. How are we supposed to keep up?
  8. Whole Foods corporate headquarters. There goes all my money.
  9. It might not be a small town, but I run into someone I don’t want to see every. single. time. I go to Whole Foods. Particularly if I’ve just run/crossfitted/yoga-ed and look like a sweaty, red-faced mess.
  10. Sometimes you have to stay friends with someone you don’t even really like just because they have a boat.

10 Worst Things About Living in Aspen

  1. Trying to get out. Flights are expensive and anything worth visiting is at least four hours away.
  2. Rent.
  3. Stereotypes. The real people who live in Aspen are nothing like the Aspen people believe in.
  4. Mud season. As the snow melts, it’s pretty gross.
  5. Snow in May. We’re all over it.
  6. Bears.
  7. Our Gap has older merchandise than the big cities’ Gaps and it’s still full price. WTH?
  8. Our restaurants are fantastic. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to eat at any of them.
  9. It’s a small town. Everyone knows everything about everyone, sometimes before you know it about yourself: “Oh, I heard you got that job you wanted! That’s wonderful!” “Errrrrmmmmm, they haven’t called me back yet.” “Oh.”
  10. You want socks or underwear? Order it online.

… according to the Las Vegas fella, perhaps he (we all?) need a European casino vacation to get perspective?

Did I miss any terrible things about living in Austin or Aspen that you need to add? Please please post in the comments so we can all laugh!!

November 24, 2011

Feel Good Friday (Thursday) 112511 Thanksgiving Edition!

We’re going to suspend our regularly scheduled Feel Good Friday for one big, massive FEEL GOOD things I am thankful for list. Here are 73 things I am so grateful are in my life: (please join me and leave yours in the comments!)

  1. My amazing, supportive, happy family
  2. PLPs of both sexes in Aspen, Austin, Arizona, D.C., Cali, and all around the world. PLP
  3. Denali’s 5th birthday and her new off-leash walking skills
  4. All four of my grandparents are still alive
  5. Texas
  6. Being raised in Texas (You Know You’re a Texan When …)
  7. Hymeadow
  8. Pumpkin
  9. My adventure to Aspen
  10. Knowing what Love Is and loving it
  11. Learning to ski and snowboard


    Yep, those are still dumpster poles

  12. Blake Lively, for constant style inspiration and a huge girl crush
  13. The colors teal and orange together
  14. Wool socks
  15. Airplanes, for visits to and from friends
  16. Washington D.C., for being a wonderful home to my fb gf and my second fall home
  17. My many friends who have found true love
  18. Pickup basketball
  19. Hot tubs
  20. My new skis, which are long, fat, and badass
  21. Pigeon pose, for eliminating IT band pain
  22. Glitter nail polish pens
  23. Confidence and grace, gifted to me by my parents and their raising of me
  24. Press trips
  25. My blog and her loyal followers, who read even when I don’t write about Austin🙂
  26. Football
  27. Rekindled romance with reading
  28. Learning how to curl my hair with a straightener (again)
  29. Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Kate, Voegle, and Taylor Swift
  30. Wine
  31. My new travelin’ buddy, the iPad2
  32. Gossip Girl, Hawaii Five-O, Hart of Dixie, 90210, Covert Affairs, Ringer, and Pan Am
  33. Deep Hip & Leg Stretch yoga class
  34. My life experiences
  35. Lowered blood sugar
  36. My new mittens, which are teal and warm
  37. Pinterest
  38. Pinterest
  39. Pinterest
  40. Handwritten notes and cards
  41. Hot pink temporary hair dye
  42. The Pitkin County Library and its incredible inter-library loan system
  43. My hand-me-down down jacket (again … seriously, I would die without it)
  44. The ocean
  45. The internets
  46. Adobe Creative Suite, I’m still holding on to the pirated version from my first-ever job (shhh don’t tell)
  47. Kale
  48. Newfound photography obsessionand friends who happen to have closeted photography interests

    Polar bear!

  49. Twitter
  50. The blow dryers with the nozzle attachments at Aspen Club
  51. Ashley Turner
  52. Bubble baths (with non-toxic bubbles, obvi)
  53. Free Pints of Ben & Jerry’s
  54. Free Pints of Ben & Jerry’s for Ripples of Hope for Children (more details coming soon)
  55. US Weekly
  56. Change … as in life, not coins
  57. Drake
  58. My mobile storage unit (aka yellow land rover)
  59. Blogs and the bloggers who write them
  60. Aspen Extreme friends who force me to do things I never thought I would do
  61. Theme parties
  62. Jhorts
  63. Denali’s reflective collar so I can find her in the snow
  64. Bubbly water
  65. CrossFit
  66. The Blind Side, it never gets old
  67. The knowledge that you can hard-boil eggs in a toaster oven
  68. ViX bikinis
  69. A spiritual, open-minded family
  70. Sunshine + Vitamin D + warmth
  71. Cold-brewed coffee
  72. Love … luv … lurve … loooove … I love all love
  73. That the proliferation of infographics and cute pinterest sayings makes me think at the end of this post that I should have probably made it a graphic in Illustrator, and made it pretty. Instead of a list. Then people might have pinned it. PIN ALL THE THINGS!!
Previous goodies: Thanksgiving 2010 / Thanksgiving 2009
March 10, 2011

11 Rules to Live by for SXSW 2011

1. SXSW Interactive is my fave. It’s a little quieter, it’s a lot more networking, and it has as much or more free stuff than film or music.

2. See a SXSW Film. It’s cheap and worth waiting in line to see big name premieres.

3. SXSW Music exhausts me. The easiest thing to do is wander the streets, people watch, and pop into the occasional bar for a free bevvie.

4. Drink lots of water. Way more than you think you need. If it’s after 7pm, you need to be going 1:1 with booze.

5. RSVP to every single party you mightpossiblymaybeI’llthinkaboutitletyouknow attend.

6. Get on twitter, foursquare, gowalla, where, track, your momma’s app, whatever. Get with the technology, it’s how you’ll find out about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING cool.

7. Wear sunscreen.

8. Eat. A lot. We have awesome food. Take advantage.

9. Sleep. 8 hours is preferable. Even if you go to bed at 4am, you can be up by noon. Trust me, you need sleep.

10. Call a cab, walk, or bike. Don’t be an idiot with drinking.

11. Chill out. This doesn’t mean take a yoga class, this means you need to relax and enjoy the madness that is SXSW. If you get your proverbial panties in a wad over a long line, rude bouncer, NYC skinny-jean-wearing smoker, whatever, you are only ruining the fest for yourself.

March 2, 2011

7 Unconventional Reasons to Love Aspen

1. Aspen Boarding Kennel & Animal Shelter: summer camp for dogs year round. The best place to board a dog, ever. Sweet staff, easiest drop off ever (literally, you don’t even have to call ahead!). PLUS, doggie webcam while you’re gone!!

2. Hitchhikers: ok, not really hitchhikers, but random people will still stop to give you a ride. Particularly if you are pulling a suitcase across a snowy road. Ax murderers? Not in Aspen.

3. Bar menus. I’ve never been anywhere else that offers so many bar menus. Cheaper, with smaller portions FTW!

4. Public Hot Tubs. Make new friends while relaxing muscles.

5. Friendly airport staff. They freaking live in Aspen, why wouldn’t they be?

6. Walking. Everywhere. Even in snow.

7. Poop bags everywhere. You’ll never have to do one of those awkward “what do I have in my pockets??” digs around for something to pick up pup poop. There are bags everywhere, on every sidewalk, bordering every corner of every park. Awesome!

February 28, 2011

Austin: The Big List of Local Food!

GroACT recently released their list of the top “Truly Local Restaurants” from a survey they sent out (so take into account that restaurants not returning the survey aren’t counted etc.) A lot of my old faves are on the list, and there are plenty of newbies for me to try!

Odd Duck Farm to Trailer (great but small portions)
Eastside Showroom (only had drinks here)
Texas French Bread (who knew?)
Somnio’s (need to try!)
Jack Allen’s Kitchen
Trace at the W Hotel
La Condesa
East Side Pies (must try!)


Thai Fresh (good but not great for me)
Fabi + Rosi (need to try)
wink (need to try)
Counter Cafe (good burger but not the best I’ve ever had)
Eastside Cafe
Asti (FINO is better)
Ecstatic Cuisine
Cipollina (pizza deals for happy hour!)

Runners Up (not in particular order)
Fete Accompli
Cool Mint Café
El Arbol
Hudson’s on the Bend
Justine’s Brasserie (must try asap)
Kerbey Lane Cafés

St. Edward’s Cafeteria
Sweetish Hill Bakery
Lake Austin Spa and Resort (SO GOOD)
Rolling in Thyme and Dough
House Pizza
High Ball
Salt and Time
Daily Juice / Daily Juice Café on 45th
mulberry (had a nice dinner but small)
Aquarelle (need to try!)
Foreign & Domestic (need to try!)
La Boite
Leaning Pear
People’s Rx (if you don’t like sammies, this is a tough sell)
Taco Deli (lots of people love, not my fave)
Zoot (want to try)
Blue Star Cafeteria (good but not great)
Whip In (OMG the naan!!)
Surf n Turf trailer (haven’t tried!)
Alamo Drafthouse

Notably missing? 24 Diner, Bess Bistro, and Buenos Aires Cafe.

Click here for Austin Farm to Table’s List of SXSW Local/Sustainable eats. It rocks!

November 25, 2010

37 Things I Am Thankful For …

My list hasn’t changed too much since last year … I mean, it’s now instead of another project that allows me to create and share awesome stuff with the world, but I still love and cherish my family, puppy (going on 4 years old!), Vermonster, friends, sports teams, CrossFit … here’s what’s new that I love and am thankful for right this minute:

  1. Adventure. Personal. Professional. It’s all an adventure.
  2. King Yoga in Aspen
  3. Honeycrisp apples
  4. Denali’s football costume for Football Sundays
  5. The Guest Cave (or Dave Cave, for the month of November)
  6. A giant sofa that takes over most of the living room
  7. My Snuggie (gifted from Snuggie themselves!) even though it’s ugly, a lilac blur with peace signs all over it
  8. that you can order a table through the mail
  9. PritiNYC nail polish / that I can now have Rich Bitch nails
  10. No More Dirty Looks, a book that changed my view on cosmetics and connected me to a whole community of toxin-free women and men
  11. My Ugg moccasins
  12. wool socks
  13. MSM Emergen-C packets
  14. DLPA/5-HTP supps
  15. hot pink skis
  16. being from Texas
  17. Veggie chips, Terra chips, and other almost-healthy chips
  18. Pumpkin
  19. my yellow Land Rover with 20″ rims
  20. The internet
  21. Video capabilities on the iPhone 4 *in a cruel twist of fate, I wrote this post yesterday, then went outside to play frisbee with Nali and lost the phone in over a foot of snow.
  22. soft frisbees (for Nali)
  23. Summit status on Frontier Airlines
  24. getting to try all sorts of ridiculous beauty products I never would have tried otherwise
  25. Wine
  26. Rich Rocks jewelry, which never fails to impress and is always on Gossip Girl
  27. Gossip Girl
  28. and One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, The Event, Glee, and Hellcats
  29. and TiVO
  30. Lake Champlain chocolates
  31. Skinny jeans that are almost jeggings but NOT QUITE
  32. #funnyhashtags
  33. Nali’s muzzle, so I don’t have to walk around terrified she’s going to eat a small child or grown man (same to her)
  34. foam rollers
  35. that snow still excites me because it’s new and different, I don’t hate it yet because it’s cold and wet
  36. Converse kicks
  37. Confidence, faith, grace, and energy. Optimism.
March 12, 2010

Reminder: SXSW Spreadsheet

I’m so psyched so many of you are using the SXSW 2010 Free Party spreadsheet! Just wanted to remind you that it’s constantly updated as I find out about new parties, so make sure you’re checking this version:

Some weird “Copy of SXSW Spreadsheet” babies have started showing up in my google docs, which is cool if you want the bastard version, but for the bright, shiny, constantly-up-to-date copy, you gotta click on the link above.🙂


Oh, and because this party is usual on everyone’s Favorites list:

December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas to Me!

I’m sure you all have your own lists of what you want for Christmas, even if you haven’t formally made a list since you were about 13. Well, I think it’s time again. Except that my parents bought me a trip to LA for Christmas, so I won’t actually be getting any gifts from them. But things I might just buy for myself (or mom will buy for me from grandma) include:

Hunter Boots

I realize that we live in Austin, Texas, where it neither rains nor snows with any alarming frequency, but I love these freakin’ boots and I just want a pair. At $115 they certainly aren’t practical, but that’s what Christmas is for, right? And I want them in Aubergine. Purple is the new neutral.

Renew my TiVO

I’ve written about my love for TiVO and how it allows me to watch the ridiculous amount of CW I do and still maintain a normal lifestyle for someone who isn’t in high school. Well sad news is on the horizon, folks: my three-year subscription to the budink, budink service is running out.

Ugg Dakota Slippers

NORMALLY, I despise Uggs as much as the next person with a pair of eyes. But THESE Ugg Dakota slippers, first released last year, are beautiful. Cozy, comfy, and CUTE. The all-around suede contrasting lace? The shearling lining? That they’re “rated” to keep bare feet warm to -30 degrees and bare feet cool to temps as high as 80 degrees? I love them. $100 a pop, also not so practical.

Teeny-tiny charm necklace

The Vermonster aptly pointed out on my birthday that I like Statement Necklaces, but there is also a time for a wear-all-the-time necklace, a simple chain with a meaningful charm. Dogeared has my faves, like their teeny tiny heart charms and this airplane number–that’s for you, Vermonster, since now I have to spend time each month on a plane flying to see you, where my feet freeze because I have no Dakota slippers … plus they’re pretty cheap, the leeetle airplane is just $46 in sterling silver! Free automatic upgrade to Express shipping until 8am on 12/21, 20% off your entire order until 2am tonight with this code: GB2009

Fujifilm instax mini 7 + film

Like a Polaroid, except they’re going to keep making the film for it. This instant camera prints out a credit card-size color photo that is reportedly sharp and clear–awesome! Camera is $84.95, film $30 for 20 pics (nothing instant is ever cheap … except EZ-Mac?).


I know nothing about them. I couldn’t even recommend a brand to you. But if I had one, I could make flax snax crackers, and that sure would make eating Paleo a lot easier.

Elana’s Almond Flour Cookbook

I’m pretty sure I could experiment my way into a lot of these recipes, by why not get a book where it’s done for you? Available at Amazon for just $11.55 … perfect stocking stuffer! This book is from a blog I really like – Elana’s Pantry. Check it out for a sampling of the recipes!

*Disclaimer to make sure that I will not be responsible for the demise of any relationships: dehydrators and other kitchen appliances are not good gifts for wives/girlfriends/crushes, no matter how much they talk about wanting/needing one. They are akin to getting someone a vacuum for Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad, Christmas ’07). Practical? Yes. Christmas gift? No. Surprise gift on a random Tuesday in the middle of March? Awesome. Thoughtful holiday time gift? Not.

Think “things she wouldn’t buy herself” NOT “things she’d use.”

October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day: 100 Effects of Global Warming

Today blogs around the country are posting on Climate Change for Blog Action Day 2009–9,090 blogs in 150 countries with 12,602,296 readers. I found a stellar list of 100 ways climate change will affect us, and I’ve chosen my favorites. Is it really appropriate to choose favorites when we’re talking about the loss of some very important things? Alas, I’m doing it anyway. Be sure to check out the whole list here:

Global Warming Wrecks All the Fun

Say Goodbye to French Wines
Wacky temperatures and rain cycles brought on by global warming are threatening something very important: Wine. Scientists believe global warming will “shift viticultural regions toward the poles, cooler coastal zones and higher elevations.” What that means in regular language: Get ready to say bye-bye to French Bordeaux and hello to British champagne. [LA Times]

Say Goodbye to Baseball
The future of the ash tree—from which all baseball bats are made—is in danger of disappearing, thanks to a combination of killer beetles and global warming. [NY Times]

Say Goodbye to Ski Competitions (Sorry, Vermonster)
Unusually warmer winters caused the International Ski Federation to cancel last year’s Alpine skiing World Cup and opening races in Sölden, Austria. Skiers are also hard-pressed now to find places for year-round training. Olympic gold medalist Anja Paerson: “Of course we’re all very worried about the future of our sport. Every year we have more trouble finding places to train.” [NY Times]

Say Hello to Really Tacky Fake Ski Vacations
Weiner Air Force and former House Majority Leader Dick Armey are building a year-round ski resort in Texas, with “wet, white Astroturf with bristles” standing in for snow to make up for all the closed resorts around the country. [WSJ]

Say Goodbye to That Tropical Island Vacation
Indonesia’s environment minister announced this year that scientific studies estimate about 2,000 of the country’s lush tropical islands could disappear by 2030 due to rising sea levels. [ABC News]

Say Goodbye to Salmon Dinners (Are lunches still okay?)
Get ready for a lot more chicken dinners: Wild pacific salmon have already vanished from 40 percent of their traditional habitats in the Northwest and the NRDC warns warmer temperatures are going to erase 41 percent of their habitat by 2090. [ENS]

Say Goodbye to Lobster Dinners
Lobsters thrive in the chilly waters of New England, but recent numbers show that as those waters have warmed up, “the big-clawed American lobster—prized for its delicate, sweet flesh—has been withering at an alarming rate from New York state to Massachusetts.” [AP]

Say Goodbye to Guacamole
Scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory predict hotter temps will cause a 40 percent drop in California’s avocado production over the next 40 years. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab]

Say Goodbye to Your Pretty Lawn (my lawn isn’t pretty anyway)
Thanks to global warming, dandelions will grow “taller, lusher, and more resilient.” By 2100, the weed will produce 32 percent more seeds and longer hairs, which allow them to spread further in the wind. [LA Times]

Say Hello to More Mosquitoes (Say hello to eau de OFF)
Get ready for more mosquitoes. Mosquitoes like to live in drains and sewer puddles. During long dry spells (brought on by higher temperatures) these nasty, stagnant pools become a vital source of water for thirsty birds … which provide a tasty feast for the resident mosquitoes. At the same time, these dry spells “reduce the populations of dragonflies, lacewings, and frogs that eat the mosquitoes.” [Washington Post]

Say Hello to Bulgarian Hooker Shortages
“Brothel owners in Bulgaria are blaming global warming for staff shortages. They claim their best girls are working in ski resorts because a lack of snow has forced tourists to seek other pleasures.” [Metro UK]

Global Warming Kills the Animals

Cannibalistic Polar Bears…
As longer seasons without ice keep polar bears away from food, they start eating each other. [AP]

More Bear Attacks (Grouchy bears)
Earlier this year, Moscow warned its citizens to beware of brown bear attacks. In Russia, it’s been too hot in the winter for bears to sleep. When bears can’t hibernate, they get very grouchy and become “unusually aggressive.”[Der Spiegel]

Farewell to the Walrus
Walrus pups rest on sea ice while their mothers hunt for food. A new study shows more and more abandoned pups are being stranded on floating islands as ice islands melt. Also, sadly, mother walruses are abandoning them to follow the ice further north. [Mongo Bay]

Jellyfish Attack
Ouch! At least 30,000 people were stung by jellyfish along the Mediterranean coast last year; some areas boasted more than 10 jellyfish per square foot of water. Thank global warming: Jellyfish generally stay out of the way of swimmers, preferring the warmer, saltier water of the open seas. Hotter temperatures erase the natural temperature barrier between the open sea and the shore. The offshore waters also become more saline, causing the stinging blobs of hurt to move in toward the coastlines (and your unsuspecting legs). [BBC]

Homeless Sheep, Goats, and Bears (See Austin Post’s article on Homeless Animals)
Bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and grizzly bears are becoming homeless, due to the disappearance of the alpine meadows in Glacier National Park. [AP]

Gender-Bended Lizards
Scientists in Australia found warmer temperatures caused baby bearded dragon lizards to change from males to females while still in their eggs, making it harder for them to find mates. Trippy. [ABC AU]

Goodbye to Cod (And good riddance!)
Cod in the North Sea are dying out. The warmer waters kill off the plankton the cod eat, making those ones that survive smaller. The warmer waters also mean the poor dears have become “less successful at mating and reproducing.” [MSNBC]

Global Warming Kills the Planet

Greenland’s Melting

Greenland is melting at a rate of 52 cubic miles per year—much faster than once predicted. If Greenland’s entire 2.5 million cubic kilometers of ice were to melt, it would lead to a global sea level rise of 7.2 meters, or more than 23 feet. [LA Times]

The Northwest Passage Becomes a Reality

Remember the “Northwest Passage”? For centuries, explorers were obsessed with the almost-mythical idea of northern sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific. Well…it’s here. So much of the ice cover in the Arctic disappeared this summer that ships were able to take recreational trips through the Arctic Sea, and scientists say so much of the ice cover will disappear in upcoming years that the passage could be open to commercial shipping by 2020. [CNN]

Say Farewell to Glaciers
“In Glacier National Park, the number of glaciers in the park has dropped from 150 to 26 since 1850. Some project that none will be left within 25 to 30 years.” [AP]

The Green, Green Grass of Antarctica
Grass has started to grow in Antarctica in areas formerly covered by ice sheets and glaciers. While Antarctic hair grass has grown before in isolated tufts, warmer temperatures allow it to take over larger and larger areas and, for the first time, survive through the winter. [UK Times]

Giant “Sand Seas” in Africa
Global warming may unleash giant “sand seas” in Africa—giant fields of sand dunes with no vegetation—as a shortage of rainfall and increasing winds may “reactivate” the now-stable Kalahari dune fields. That means farewell to local vegetation, animals, and any tourism in the areas. [National Geographic]

Mediterranean Sea? Try the Dead Sea.
Italian experts say thanks to faster evaporation and rising temperatures, the Mediterranean Sea is quickly turning into “a salty and stagnant sea.” The hot, salty water “could doom many of the sea’s plant and animal species and ravage the fishing industry.” [AP]

Suddenly Vanishing Lakes
What happened to the five-acre glacial lake in Southern Chile? In March, it was there. In May, it was … gone. Scientists blame global warming. [BBC News]

Volcanoes Blow Their Tops
British scientists warn of another possible side effect of climate change: A surge of dangerous volcanic eruptions. [ABC News Australia]

Burning Poo
As “shifting rainfall patterns” brought on by global warming “have made northern Senegal drier and hotter,” entire species of trees (like the Dimb Tree) are dying out, making it harder for natives to find firewood. As a result, more people are having to burn cow dung for cooking fires. [MSNBC]

A New Dust Bowl
Calling Mr. Steinbeck. Scientists this year reported the Southwest United States is “expected to dry up notably in this century and could become as arid as the North American dust bowl of the 1930s,” a process which has already started. [ABC News]

Global Warming Makes Us Sicker

People Are Dying
150,000: Number of people the World Health Organization estimates are killed by climate-change-related issues every year. [Washington Post]

Death by Smog

Three words you really don’t want in your obit: “Death by Smog.” Yet Canadian doctors say smog-related deaths could rise by 80 percent over the next 20 years. And since warm air is a key ingredient in smog, warmer temperatures will increase smog levels. [CBC News]

More Mold and Ragweed = More Allergies, Asthma (That’s just what Austin needs)
A Harvard Study in 2004 showed higher concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere is good news to allergens like mold and ragweed (they love the stuff). And that means higher rates of asthma attacks, especially in kids. [Globe and Mail]

Death in the Time of Cholera
Cholera, which thrives in warmer water, appeared in the newly warmed waters of South America in 1991 for the first time in the 20th century. “It swept from Peru across the continent and into Mexico, killing more than 10,000 people.” [Washington Post]

West Nile Virus Home Invasion
Once confined to land near the equator, West Nile Virus is now found as far north as Canada. Seven years ago, West Nile virus had never been seen in North America; today, it has “infected more than 21,000 people in the United States and Canada and killed more than 800.” [Washington Post]

Global Warming Threatens Our National Security

U.N.: As Dangerous As War
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said this year that global warming poses as much of a threat to the world as war. [BBC]

Genocide in Sudan
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon charges, “Amid the diverse social and political causes, the Darfur conflict began as an ecological crisis, arising at least in part from climate change.” [Washington Post]

The Poor Are Most at Risk
Although they produce low amounts of greenhouse gases, experts say under-developed countries—such as those in sub-Saharan Africa—have “the most to lose under dire predictions of wrenching change in weather patterns.” [Washington Post]

Your Checkbook
A report done last year by the British government showed global warming could cause a Global Great Depression, costing the world up to 20 percent of its annual Global Domestic Product. [Washington Post]

The World’s Checkbook
A study by the Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University found that ignoring global warming would end up costing $20 trillion by 2100. [Tufts]

This piece is from the Center for American Progress Action Fund’s Mic Check Radio.


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