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March 2, 2012

Feel Good Friday 030212

Feel Good Friday is a roundup of the things that made me feel good or that I’m grateful for all week. Join me and leave your Feel Goods in the comments!

  • Holy crap it’s March. That actually doesn’t make me feel good, but DailyHap‘s first month birthday is pretty awesome!
  • The best skiing day I’ve had all year … friends, hard runs, and POW!! Followed by margaritas and a chile relleno burger…
  • … finding out that La Palapa’s meat is local and grassfed! Hello burger!
  • I’m grateful that snowboarding came back to me very quickly, and that although I hurt my SI joint again, it has so far healed very quickly as well
  • a present in the mail that was a hand-me-down present from a husky to Denali:
    denali collar her previous owner may have overestimated Denali’s neck girth, but it was much appreciated nonetheless!
  • psychotherapist parents who help me analyze every lil bit of my life, or leave me alone, whichever is better

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