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March 6, 2009

Achachay! at Red Eyed Fly (yep, it rhymes)

Achachay! at Red Eyed Fly at 11:30pm. It costs $5 to get in. They only play for 40 minutes so you’ve got to get there early!

According to the lead singer:
Top ten reasons to come to the show tomorrow night (Garrett, consider this a convincing bailout suggestion email to be forwarded):
(1) – It’s Friday night and you need some funk in your life
(2) – The debut of TWO new songs. One is funky and one is dancy, both are achachay-y!
(3) – We’ve got merch you might want to buy. T-SHIRTS!
(4) – You’re going out anyway in the live music capital, and this is some DAMN GOOD local talent.
(5) – Drinks are cheap at the Red Eyed Fly.
(6) – You want to see our beautiful, smiling faces.
(7) – And Charlie’s completely non expressive face.
(8) – And you want to see Ryan drum in sunglasses.
(9) – What are Rock people anyway?
(10) – You’re going through an existential funk and you want to commiserate/celebrate it
Bring in all of your friends as well. The more people are there, the more fun it will be. Also, bring your dancing shoes and get ready to move. If you don’t know how to dance to our music you can take a cue from me on stage cause I’m always moving even if it’s just sliding back and forth with my boots.
I’m going because I’m going through an existential funk / I’m taking my time to define what I want / I’m told that if I live the questions and wait / I’ll be living out the answers some distant day …
November 21, 2008

Friday Night Benefit at Tiniest Bar

Starting at 7pm Friday night, Team Spiridon, a local training group, is hosting a benefit concert at Tiniest Bar for empancipet and the Dick Beardsley Foundation–couldn’t decide between animals and people, I guess?
Lovers of music, animals, and running will come together for a night inexplicably called Night of the Moustache, featuring a benefit concert and silent auction, with food available for a donation. Dogs are encouraged and admission is free.

Eat a Peach headlines the entertainment, with musicians from a bunch of different bands including Topaz, Mudphonic, Nakia’s Southern Cousins, the Van Wilks Band, and Kevin McKinney’s band coming together for a dead-on, fresh homage to “the principal architects of Southern Rock,” the Allman Brothers Band.

Girl Guitar opens with a showcase of local up-and-coming female artists playing acoustic covers and originals.
EMANCIPE+ is dedicated to preventing animal homelessness and putting an end to euthanasia as a means of population control by providing low-cost or free surgical sterilization of dogs and cats. For more information, please go to

The Dick Beardsley Foundation is a community-based non-profit dedicated to providing grants to those who need help in seeking treatment for chemical dependency, as well as educating the public about chemical dependency. For more information, visit


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