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October 31, 2008

First Impression: Free Crossfit Workout

So I hit up the free Crossfit workout Wednesday night, and it was a lot of fun. I haven’t been able to go back since, and I want to, because I think there’s got to be more to it than I experienced. I had fun, but here’s the breakdown:

Wednesday was a team session. After a prolonged series of warmups and stretching, we learned the skills and then did the workout. It was a set of things (200 M run, squats, dumbell swings) designed to be done as quickly as possible. For my team, it lasted 7 minutes, 45 seconds. It was an intense 7 minutes and 45 seconds, but nonetheless, it was just 7 minutes and 45 seconds!

I wear a heart rate monitor, so let me give you some stats:

Heart rate got up to 207 (am I dead?) at the peak

… that’s exciting, as reaching anaerobic thresholds is hard for someone who is super active

Burned 281 calories in 45 minutes (including warming up and cooling down)

… that’s comparable to a 45-minute weightlifting workout, but my heart rate doesn’t usually go above 180 or so in those, and usually sits in “fat-burning zone” between 140-160.

Conclusion: It’s fun to work out in a group, and I think this is as good for me as my regular weight workouts, but I don’t think I could do it five days a week and have it be my only workout. Maybe Boone and Wes can prove me wrong …

Also, I was super-excited because two women who read the blog came out! It was awesome to meet them. In response to my touting my blog’s influence to Boone, he threatened: “Thanks so much!  I guess we’ll have to bust your ass extra hard tomorrow to thank you ;-)”

This is why Crossfit is fun with these guys.

Take the weekend off (of Crossfit, not working out!), then meet up Monday night at 6:30pm for Week 2 of free workouts!

October 17, 2008

Makers and Wakers and Fat Tires, oh my!

So it’s a big weekend, like you didn’t know (um, hello Texas vs. Missouri). But in case you missed the, well, boat on three majorly huge weekend-long events, here’s a rundown:

Maker Faire – Saturday & Sunday

So the Maker Faire expo thingy is a big crafty, makery, nerdy, trendy, roboty shindig. At the Travis County Expo Center, it’s a Maker’s delight. I don’t think they serve Maker’s though. They should. In any case, I hear it’s crazy-cool, so check it out this weekend if you can.

Tour de Fat – Sunday

Fat Tire + Bikes = Tour de Fat, no? New Belgium Brewing’s traveling celebration of the bike is pedaling into Fiesta Gardens for the final stop of 2008. The festival spreads the good word about the myriad benefits of cycling and celebrates mankind’s greatest invention – the bike. Wait, I thought this was about beer? Isn’t it put on by a brewery? Anyway, bring your bike and costume.

Waketoberfest – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

It’s not too chilly yet! Waketoberfest has perfect weather in Austin, and features demos from some of the best around the state. It runs Friday through Sunday at Pace Bend, and plenty of revelers and boarders just camp for the whole weekend!

Oh, and a bonus:

Texas Wine & Song Festival – Sunday

Despite the fact that I don’t particularly care for any of the acts playing this thing, it IS cool that it’s at the “Copper Tank Events Center,” aka the corner of 5th and Trinity that used to house the bar/brewery Copper Tank. The Second Annual Texas Wine & Song Festival is from 3–10pm.


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