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July 16, 2012

Summer Fashion Updates

I just updated the sidebar (yes, I realize we’re already halfway into summer) with summer fashion nays and yays.

Fashion Sticky Notes … actual hideous things I see people wearing, and how to remedy the problems they present

+ Why are people STILL doing this?! Despite my warnings, people are still slapping skinny belts onto a dress—or worse, a shirt. Do not understand. If your waist isn’t your skinniest feature, why would you highlight it??

+ Crop tops. Srsly, didn’t everyone in the ’90s heave a collective sigh of relief when they went out?

+ Peep-toe booties. 1. WTF 2. It’s summer, you don’t need booties. 3. WTF 4. Why bother wearing a foot-covering shoe if your toes are going to stick out? It looks really weird.

+ Mustache jewelry. I dig funny mustaches on dudes, but mustache jewelry has had its moment and even that lasted too long.

+ Suede shoes in summer. Suede = winter. Not up for discussion.

Things I like … and you should too, because I knew about jellies shoes way before they were cool

*the resurgence of friendship bracelets
*layered jewelry
*open-knit sweaters
*funky manis (loving sea green personally)
*sequins all the time
*big, bold stripes
*rainbow denim cut-offs and skinnies
*chambray shirts

Currently pinning things I love here.

March 23, 2012

Feel Good Friday 032312

Feel Good Friday is a roundup of the things that made me feel good or that I’m grateful for all week. Join me and leave your Feel Goods in the comments!

  • HAPPY documentary: “Happiness is a skill.”
  • Natural Grocer grocery store trip. I love tons of things there but my top three are Buffalo Guys Buffalo Andouille sausage, Applegate Farms happy pepperoni, and kelp noodles (oh, and the chocolate peanut butter malted milk balls, but don’t tell anyone about those).
  • The Hunger Games. I finally get it. And I’ve read all three in three days. #nerd Can’t wait to see the movie now!
  • Slaying elephants.
  • New (to me, from Susie’s Consignment, only $19!) J. Crew sequin mini with pockets! So awesome, yet practical! Can’t wait to pair it with a tee and sandals and stroll around town.
    sequin skirt with pockets
  • That closet reminds me, I love my apartment. And home office.

See last week’s Feel Goods here.

February 8, 2012

Austin: Must Go! Studio Sale Raven + Lily

Austin-based Raven + Lily is a lifestyle brand featuring jewelry, paper goods and bath products that are produced by women in developing world communities. Raven + Lily recognizes that 70% of the world’s poorest people are women and have dedicated themselves to empowering women through design partnerships and sustainable economic opportunities.

Today and tomorrow, you can shop these beautiful designs marked 50-70% off, OR hit up the $5 and $10 bins.  Their current collection features products made by their partners in India and East Africa. You could get sweet wooden bangles or a cool charm necklace …


I love that a local company is creating opportunities for women and sharing beautiful jewelry, journals, and bath products! Go check out the shop!

October 8, 2011

Pink Products

It’s officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means pink products have taken over the interwebs and stores. When I donated blood, they even wrapped my arm in pink pre-wrap! It’s tough to know what products are just “pinkwashing” you and what products are actually benefitting breast cancer research, patients, or survivors. Of course, you could also argue that a small percentage is better than no percentage at all, and fully buy into the pink. Up to you.

Here’s what I like (will be updating all month):

Alternative apparel pink ribbon hoodie Alternative apparel henley

Alternative Apparel partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure and all Urban Outfitters stores to introduce a “Pink Ribbon” collection, featuring the brand’s fabulously comfy tees, tanks, dresses, henleys, and hoodies in a “Pink Ribbon” color way. Alternative will continue to sell its Pink Ribbon Collection online at through the remainder of 2011, donating 10% of the retail price to Komen with a guaranteed minimum of $25,000. As part of the philanthropic partnership, Urban Outfitters has also donated $60,000 to Susan G. Komen.

Body Rock bra

Body Rock sports bra is part of The Empower ’em Collection—each purchase enables them to donate a mastectomy bra to the American Cancer Society. This month, use code THINKPINK to get 25% off every pink item AND donate 10% to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

earrings for breast cancer products

The slightly confusing sort-of flash-sale-y but celeb-curated site Open Sky is donating $5 from every purchase through Sunday October 9th, which is pretty awesome. Patricia Vasquez chose these beautiful pink tourmaline earrings from French jewelry designer Camille Eddera. Eddera will donate 20% of proceeds to Cancer Charities of America while OpenSky will donate $5 to Cancer Schmancer.

OPI pink shatter
Pink Shatter is the newest shade in the hot Shatter collection by OPI that will support Susan G. Komen for the Cure in raising awareness of breast cancer for the fifth year in a row. Each bottle of Pink Shatter has a special pink-ribbon tag and pink cap for the cause. OPI will also be making its annual donation of $25,000 to Komen for the Cure (couldn’t find a percentage from this particular bottle).

September 23, 2011

Austin: “Face the Day” Tour for a Free Mo’

It’s not quite Movember yet, but according to recent statistics, many men are embracing the mo’ and other facial hair throughout the year. A full 62 percent of guys sport facial hair sometime in a year. Lucky for guys, Wahl, the industry leader in barber tools, will dispatch its giant barbershop and team of experts to the Old Pecan Street Festival September 24-25 as part of a nationwide ”Face the Day” tour to help guys put their best face forward. 

Wahl will set up a 30-foot mobile barbershop to give guys FREE facial hair grooming and tips. Guys can also enter a national search for the best facial hair in the country. Plus, looking good supports a good cause: for every trim, Wahl will donate $1 to Movember, a non-profit organization that provides funding for Live Strong, Prostate Cancer Foundation, and Movember Foundation.

Free barbers austin

Get a free man mo’ on the streets of Austin this weekend.

September 12, 2011

Austin: What to Wear to ACL

It’s upon us!

What to Wear to ACL

What to Wear to ACL by lifeinaustin featuring short shorts

Dresses: Make sure they’re colorful and floaty, as you are going to sweat. Pair with straw hats and sandals.

Shorts + tanks: Lots of people wear jorts, I prefer softer, looser fabrics to decrease and conceal sweat. Pair with a minimalist tank in a non-sweat-showing color (black, white, some tans), a floppy hat to shade your face, and flip flops.

Skirts + sheer: Like dresses, skirts should be loose, preferably knee-length (shorter makes it tough to sit on the grass), and patterned or light-colored. Pair with a burnout or sheer tee or tank for coolness, plus a fedora- or bowler-style straw hat for coolness.

Insider tip: I often wear a bikini or at least a bikini top under my outfits. That way, if it gets too, too hot, you can strip down. Or you can wear baggier tanks without revealing too much.

NEVER, EVER wear: heels. jeans. leather. boots. the green man costume.

August 23, 2011

Austin: The Fashion Week Primer

It’s officially in swing! Tonight through Saturday, the third annual Austin Fashion Week is hoppin. Or shoppin? I may be missing an ‘s.’


Tuesday, August 23: Jewelry Showcase at the Driskill Hotel

Wednesday, August 24: Swimwear & Resort Wear Runway Presentations at the Driskill Hotel

Thursday, August 25: Eclectic & Edgy Runway Presentations at the Driskill Hotel

Friday, August 26: Classic Couture Runway Presentations at the Driskill Hotel

Saturday, August 27: Austin Fashion Awards Presented by Sono Bello at ACL Live

Additionally, the Austin Fashion Week Showcase events will take place from Sunday, August 21 – Friday, August 26 by area of town:

  • Tuesday, August 23: West Austin presented by the Hill Country Galleria
  • Wednesday, August 24: South Austin
  • Thursday, August 25: 2ND Street District
  • Friday, August 26: North Austin

To create your customized schedule, use this page or download the app. Technology is awesome.

Austin Fashion Week

Like all good Austin festivals, Fashion Week even has extra events, like these LOFT (hello, they’ve been doing a great job of late with their lines!) parties:

LOFT fashion week austin

*I worked with Matt Swinney, co-founder of Austin Fashion Week, on one of my latest articles, for Giving City magazine (as well as some of my other fave fundraisers!). Check it out online here: The Guide to Great Fundraising Events.

July 20, 2011

Love LC’s Rainbow Tips

I wrote about loving the tie-dye trend last week. When, Lauren Conrad’s beauty site, posted about dyeing the tips of your blonde hair different colors, I voted DO IT! in their poll about wether LC should dye or not.

Well, she has.

Lauren Conrad tip dyed hair

There’s a beautiful tutorial on the site here.

I hear Lauren used Paul Mitchell’s INKWORKS (a professional, semi-permanent color treatment available in 10 vivid shades) to achieve the blue-colored highlights!  Colorist and Paul Mitchell Artistic Director, Lucie Doughty shared her tips on how to get the look with the help of your stylist:

  • Have your stylist pre-lighten the hair to a pale blonde.
  • Ask to have INKWORKS painted all the way through the strand or just on the tips like Lauren’s and then isolate each section in foil.
  • Countless colors can be created from the Paul Mitchell INKWORKS color collection, so you can decide which color combinations work for you (to get LC’s look ask for Hot Pink, Green and Blue)
  • Your stylist can dilute them with any of Paul Mitchell’s daily conditioners to create beautiful pastel tones (like LC’s), or you can let sun, chlorine, and beach fade the colors into pastels.
Even though my foray into being a blonde is just now coming to an end, over a year later (dyeing your hair brunette over and over again when you ARE brunette is just depressing), I want to try this trend! Is it hard to bleach your hair at home?? If I try this, it’s just the ends, so if I mess up, I can always get my hair cut, right??
July 13, 2011

Try it on: Tie Dye Chic (+ exclusive discount!)

Today we’re featuring a guest post from Electric Frenchie, an online boutique based out of Austin. They specialize in designer fashion at affordable prices (40-70% off retail!), and offer tons of cute, high-quality women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories as well as a 100% designer brand sales rack. 

Tie-dye T-shirts are an iconic late 1960s and early 70s fashion style closely associated with the age of free love and rock & roll. Worn
on college campuses, around drum circles, and at Woodstock music festival, this style was made popular by legends such as Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead. This season, fashion designers pay homage to the summer of love, reviving tie-dye fashions and recreating them as boho-chic styles.

In its current reincarnation, tie-dye is cool, breezy, and surprisingly sexy. Celebrities have perfected the laid-back look by keeping it glam in body conscious cuts and muted color palettes. A favorite look of celebs is the tie-dye sundress, like this one from Electric Frenchie boutique.

Electric Frenchie tie dye dress

Steal some style inspiration from these celebs and you’ll be looking boho-sexy look all summer long.

katy perry in tie dye

Katy Perry knows that going for a bold print means keeping accessories streamlined and simple. Take a cue from this California girl, and accessorize your tie-dye dress with flat metallic sandals, a floppy sun hat, and dark oversized sunglasses.

Alessandra AMbrosio in tie dye

Leave it to a Victoria’s Secret model to make tie-dye look sexy yet effortless. Check out how Alessandra Ambrosio relies on bold but
simple pieces to jazz up her maxi dress. A skinny belt creates a sexy shape while a fringed leather handbag, sandals, simple hoops and long flowy hair bring everything together. Gorgeous!

Jessica Hart in tie-dye

Want to look like a supermodel on her day off? Here, Aussie supermodel Jessica Hart toughens up her tie-dye maxi dress with rock
and roll accessories including a studded back handbag and white Chuck Taylor’s. The result is a look that’s edgy yet chic. We love it!

Order anything online at and use code LIFEINATX for 15% OFF your total order.

Lyssa’s note: I LOVE tie-dye, so I’m very excited Electric Frenchie rounded up these looks for us! In fact, I just bought a tie-dye dress myself …

June 28, 2011

Rent the Runway Review (hint: I love it)

If you’re not a Gossip Girl watcher, you might not have seen Rent the Runway in action (Juliet uses it to look like she actually has money to buy designer clothes). Think Jennifer Hudson using Bag Borrow Steal from Sex & The City. No? Maybe I’ll just ‘splain myself: Rent the Runway is a dress-lending site where you browse for dresses by any number of factors—style, occasion, color—and they mail you the dress. You rent it for 4 days, then return in a prepaid padded envelope. SUPER EASY!

I tried it for my college roomie’s wedding last weekend. I was in the wedding, so I had that covered with a splashy maid of honor dress, but I needed something for the rehearsal dinner.

I ended up ordering 2 dresses, afraid that while I loved the first, it wasn’t going to be flattering on me. Dresses range from $40+, but it’s only $25 to rent a second style. They also send you two sizes, if you want, to make sure you’ll get a dress that fits.

Halston Heritage dress rent the runwayYumi Kim dress Rent the Runway

I was right; the yellow dress wasn’t in fact flattering on me (something about long legs and a short waist?). But luckily, the floral Yumi Kim was super cute!

yumi kim rent the runway dress

we do too – it looks adorable! RT @lifeinaustin I loooove my @RentTheRunwaydress!!
In reply to…
I loooove my @RentTheRunway dress!!

Everything about my Rent the Runway experience was great. The package arrived a day early, with all four dresses (2 sizes of each) zipped into a garment bag, perfect for immediate travel. The dress was awesome, and I felt glamorous and pretty during the rehearsal dinner—and in all the photos!

Sunday, I simply slipped the dresses back into the mailer and dropped it in a mailbox. The experience was flawless; I honestly cannot wait for an excuse to use Rent the Runway again!


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