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April 10, 2009

DrumJam at Stubb’s tonight

DrumJam plays the Official Blue October Aftershow at Stubb’s tonight, doors at 11:30pm & show at midnight.

I love DrumJam’s live performances, but I also felt the desire to post this because I have to brag on myself for two seconds. Basically, I don’t really like Blue October’s music personally. BUT before they were REALLY BIG and selling out shows and had a platinum album (December 2006), I pitched a story about them to HOUSTON magazine–by warbling “Hate Me” intentionally off key and then outlining the boys’ Texas roots. They bought it and my first REAL feature in a magazine was born. I interviewed Justin, the lead singer, for the article. Imagine being a rookie journalist and having this be your first big piece! So while I don’t love their sound, I can’t help but love Blue October.

I do, however, actually love DrumJam’s sound. So pay the $8 (or free with your Blue October ticket) and get your drum on.

October 21, 2008

Techno Tuesday

So I’m not a big fan of techno. I know there are cooler–and more specific–terms for it, but I just call it all techno. House, trance, drum-n-bass, whatever. It’s techno. (Electronic music is the proper term, alright? please don’t send me hate mail) BUT I have some good friends who are djs and obviously love the stuff, so here I am. Go see them play tonight. And truth be told, it CAN be great to dance to, so I don’t HATE it. Anyway, this is beside the point. The point is:

Tuesdays (not just tonight!) at 10pm at Plush

Drum n Bass featuring Loki, John-e-Glock, T-Junglist, Chichi


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