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June 26, 2012

New Summer Drink Coco Breve

You know how when you’re floating the river, nothing tastes better than Keystone? But if you’re anywhere else, nothing tastes worse?

Coco Brevé will likely taste better than Keystone on the river—although I did not test this assertion.

This is no small feat. Because literally nothing tastes better.

kiwi lime coco breve

But the coconut water bevvie’s bubbles and alcohol are a pretty killer combo for a hot summer day in a toob, on a boat, by the beach, lounging poolside … you get the idea.

Coco Brevé is launching in Austin and Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami and San Diego this summer with two flavors: Kiwi Lime and Mango Citrus. I preferred Kiwi Lime, though both taste more like coconut water than their respective flavors. I love coconut water. Some people do not.

Specs: 12-ounce bottles at 4.2 percent alcohol by volume and 130 calories

Bottom line: hydrate while you drink? Yes. /

Intrigued? Luckily, you’re invited to the Coco Brevé launch party at—where else?—The W’s WET pool. Invite below + don’t forget to RSVP!

coco breve invite

Sidebar: Have you guys tried Shiner’s Summer Seasonal Ruby Redbird? Ginger + Grapefruit at just 4.2 ABV is HEAVEN in a bottle … mix me a cooler of Coco Brevés and Shiner Redbirds and I will last sun-up to sun-down, slightly drunk and incredibly happy. 

July 27, 2011

[UPDATED] Drink Me: Mercy Mercy

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Brian, MERCY has given us a promo code for free shipping! WAHOO! Use discount code “Austin” to get free shipping on ANY order. Try a MERCYRITA and let me know how it goes!

The other day, I accidentally ended up having a small gathering at my apartment. Luckily, we always have tequila and triple sec on hand, so margaritas were easily in store. Then we ran out of lime juice. Though I live above a grocery store, it was past ten pm. Luckily, I remembered that the folks at MERCY, a hangover prevention beverage, were kind enough to send over a few samples. Does this mean I have a problem? No matter, back to my initial problem: Mercyritas?


Mercy hangover drink

MERCY is a non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverage that contains nutritional supplements proven to protect your body as it processes alcohol. It flushes your system of acetaldehyde, the toxin that causes your hangover, and pumps up your natural defenses with some vitamins. MERCY contains a blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbs to prevent hangovers. You must drink it BEFORE you have a hangover, which is why a MERCYRITA is a perfect way to enjoy the beverage.

I will admit, I indulged a little that night. And woke hangover-free! (I also made a point of hydrating throughout the night … Belly Up in Aspen has several hydration stations that I was very excited about … more so than usual. MERCY influence?) My friend declared the MERCYRITA “tastes like summer!”

With a kitschy marketing campaign and pleasantly fruity, lightly carbonated taste, MERCY is a nice way to remain hangover free if you’re determined to indulge. They recommend 1 can for every 5 drinks, not to exceed 3 in 24 hours. For now, you can get MERCY mixed into cocktails at The W Austin or order online at ($28.50 for 12 cans).

Bottoms up!

July 19, 2011

Austin: Day ‘o the Week Breakdown

I love nothing more than a theme party, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear that two Austin standbys, old and new, are hosting themed events every day of the work week throughout the summer! Check out the Day ‘o the Week Breakdown for West Sixth’s Star Bar and South Lamar’s Gibson—almost everything includes FREE food!!


Gibson: Mustache Mondays—$3 Maker’s special all night for everyone with a mustache. All guests receive a free mustache and prizes are awarded to the most impressive ‘stache.

Star Bar: Crock-Pot Creations—complimentary homemade soups or queso bar, all night happy hour and $4 Makers Mark.


Gibson: Trivia Tuesdays—free pub quiz starting at 8p complete with special prizes and bragging rights.

Star Bar: Texas Tuesdays—complimentary Frito pie, $3 local drafts (Live Oak, Independence and 512 brewing),  $3 Deep Eddy regular and sweet tea vodka served in mason jars.


Gibson: Wine Wednesday & Steak Night— complimentary cheese plate from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop (so hot right now!) with each purchase of a half or full bottle of wine beginning at 4p until the plates run out. Half bottle pricing starts at $10 and full bottles start at $15. Luke’s Inside Out also offers a grilled steak paired with two sides for $12 on Wednesdays.

Star Bar: Wine and Cheese Wednesdays–complimentary cheese plate from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop with each purchase of a half or full bottle of wine. Plate includes a variety of cheeses, Italian meats, grapes and flatbread. Half bottle pricing starts at $7 and full bottles start at $19.


Gibson: Bubbles n Bitches (and Bingo)—Gibson has added Bingo to their popular Bubbles n Bitches night … In addition to complimentary variety plate of chocolates and strawberries with every order of bubbles, free Bingo begins at 8p with host Trevin from 101x and a chance to win great prizes.

Star Bar: Star Barrio(haha!)—happy hour complete with complimentary homemade salsas and an enchilada bar featuring Ranch 616 enchiladas, rice and beans. Drink specials include Palomas and buckets of iced Mini Sols.


Gibson: Sinner Sunday– service industry happy hour all night.

Star Bar: Doublewide Sundays—complimentary chicken and waffles, Pop-Tarts and a variety of cereals. All day happy hour and drink specials include vodka Capri Suns, SunnyD Mimosas, Strawberry Quik White Russians, and $2 Lone Stars.

BONUS! Free Smoothie Fridays from McDonald’s: Try the new Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothie at local participating McDonalds with free samples every Friday in July from 7am – 7pm.

I’m not endorsing your Mickey D’s stops, just letting you know about free stuff. The new Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothie combines mango and pineapple with low-fat yogurt. It’s all about choices—visit this site for McDonald’s nutritional info.

March 29, 2011

Take 10 Beverages: Get Your Sleep!

If there are two things I love and believe in in this world, they are sleep and young entrepreneurs. Ok, maybe there are a few more things, like love, integrity, and faith, but to make the point I’m about to make about the new Take 10 Beverages, I had to do a little selective selecting. TAKE 10™ To Relax and TAKE 10™ to Sleep are 2-ounce shots of relief from stress and trouble falling asleep. Each 2-ounce bottle retails for $2.99 at grocery and convenience stores and 10 beverages
Both styles combine natural herbs including Kava Root, Rose Hips, Passionflower, and Chamomile with vitamins B6, B12 and other holistic ingredients with a juice flavor that’s zero calorie. TAKE 10 to Relax tastes pleasantly of white grape and is indeed very relaxing. It’s relaxing like how you feel after the first half-glass of wine before you’re even tipsy.

Three young entrepreneurs founded the company, and say, “There are other dietary supplements, but we believe TAKE 10™ is the first to develop a blend of natural ingredients in a two-ounce shot that actually delivers on the ‘calming’ premise.”
Sleep Bottle

Take 10 to Sleep is equally effective, knocking me out immediately. It has a blackberry flavor that’s pleasant but not overwhelming. Both do taste a little like artificial sweetener, but then, I’m really sensitive to that taste. I would definitely use these again, and suggest the TAKE 10 to Sleep for those nights you want to go to bed early because you have a 6am flight but aren’t exactly tired (that’s when I tried it, and it worked!).

Do I need to remind you why sleep is so important? Sleep makes you smarter, prettier, and healthier. You need 7-9 hours. I don’t care how adapted you think you are, you need 7-9 hours of sleep every single night. JUST DO IT! How does sleep make you smarter, prettier, and healthier? Sleep improves cognitive function, skin and hair appearance, and bodily functions. It can even make you lose weight (or prevent you from losing weight if you don’t get enough). If you need sleep, TAKE 10 to Sleep is an excellent helper.

November 3, 2010

Aspen: World Cup Volunteer Party!

The World Cup Volunteer Rally (for the Aspen Winternational, the Women’s Ski World Cup) is this Thursday from 5 – 7pm at The Red Onion. It’s free and open to anyone interested in signing up to become an Aspen Winternational Women’s World Cup volunteer! Free drinks and food. The first 10 people in the door will receive a free prize.

The Aspen Winternational Audi FIS Women’s World Cup will be held November 27 – 28, 2010 on Aspen Mountain. Saturday at 10am & 1pm is the Giant Slalom, while Sunday at 10am & 1pm is the Slalom.

The weekend also includes the first Bud Light Hi-Fi Concert Series of the season at the base of Aspen Mountain on November 27. Talent TBD.

August 30, 2010

Aspen: Fine Line Bar & Grill

Fine Line Bar & Grill is a new bar, restaurant, grill, hangout in El Jebel/Basalt that’s reasonably-priced, has GREAT happy hour food and drink specials from 3-6pm daily ($2 Bud & Bud Light Drafts , $3 New Belgium Drafts, $10 Bucket Of 6 Coronitas, $5 Tuaca & Soco Lime Shots), plus special deals for each day and even serving up karaoke Tuesday nights!

Totally Tuesdays: Half Price On All Appetizers
Wine Wednesdays: Buy One Glass Of House Wine Get One Free / Free Chips & Salsa
Tequila Thursdays: Gingeritas & Margaritas $5 / All Nacho Plates Half Price
Fired Up Fridays: Free Chips And Salsa / Tuaca & Soco Lime Shots $3
Smokin’ Saturdays: Rib Platter $10 / Fat Tire Drafts $3
Sunday Bloody Sundays: Absolut Peppar Bloody Marys $5

This is the Gingerita: A Simple Margarita With A Twist. Equal Parts Fresh Lime Juice, Grand Marnier, & Ginger-Infused Corzo Tequila. At $8, a good price for a great, creative margarita. The drink menu is top-notch–all of the drinks are creative and delish!

The food is mostly outstanding. The salad was not good–but the menu calls their salad menu “Rabbit Food,” so maybe I should have known they aren’t really salad fans. Get into the heavier dishes and you’re golden. The Lobster Ravioli was as good as you’d find anywhere, and reasonably-priced at $15.95. Menu reads: Ravioli Stuffed With Fresh Maine Lobster And Served With Vodka Marinara Sauce And A Side Of Garlic Bread.

The best thing Fine Line serves is probably its pizza. This stuff was GOOOOOOD. Menu says: Veggie Garbage Pizza: Spinach, Black Olives, Red And Yellow Onions, Artichoke Hearts, Mushrooms, Fresh And Sun Dried Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic, And Feta Cheese. $14.95/$18.95 (this is the $14.95 size and was HUGE)

Overall, all four of the people in my party loved the For Locals By Locals experience of Fine Line Bar & Grill. I only wish such a reasonably-priced, laid-back place was in Aspen! Also check out their 50″ flat screens for football this season!

Also, in more it’s-a-small-world-after-all news, the owner’s fiancee works with the Vermonster, and the owner went to school with the Vermonster in Vermont, where the Vermonster was the MAILMAN for the owner’s dorm. Awesome.

August 11, 2010

Austin: MORE free cocktails

Austin Monthly & Grey Goose are serving up the booze AGAIN (see #1 on my top ten things newbies should know list) for FREE this week, from 7-11p if you play your cards right Thursday and from 9-11 on Friday. Those are prime drinking times, kids!

Thursday, August 12: MOLOTOV | 7-9PM | UNION PARK | 9-11PM

Friday, August 13 (eeep!): THE RANCH | 9-11PM

January 28, 2010

Girls Night at the Gallery

Get culture, gems, and buzzed all in one place: what could be a better girls night than that?! Art on 5th is hosting a new series of female-focused events, held once a month at its new The Art of Jewelry, a boutique exhibit thing featuring artistically-crafted jewelry designs of artisans from Austin and across the country.

The drink of the evening will be the Shimmering Gem Cocktail from Bombay Sapphire’s Most-Inspired Bartender Garrett Mikell. The Shimmering Gem: Bombay Sapphire Gin, fresh mint, lemon juice, simple syrup and champagne.

Complimentary mini-makeovers from Avant, with makeup refresh and hair styles plus Dear Charli Photography capturing a photo of the moment for each guest–free!

Lastly, enjoy 10 percent off jewelry purchases at the Art of Jewelry.

Sounds like the beginnings of a great Friday night!
Art on 5th’s The Art of Jewelry, 1501 West 5th Street

April 29, 2009

Beer Birthday Thursday

Little Woodrow’s on the Drag Spring Bash

3pm-close: $1 beers and 1/2-price pitchers on all 100+ beers. Live music with Red Neck Boys at 6pm, followed by Doe Montoya and Whisky Business til 2am. Obe the fire dancer will also provide burning entertainment throughout the night. Hot dogs and hamburgers grilled on the back patio, and first-ever Rabbit Shit Bingo.

LW Spring Bash

Dogs are also always welcome on the patio!

Little Woodrow’s, 2610 Guadalupe Street

Uncle Billy’s 2nd Anniversary

11am-1am at Uncle Billy’s, 1530 Barton Springs
Uncle Billy's 2nd Anniversary flyer

Grand Opening party for Gallery D

TRIBEZA is sponsoring the grand opening party for new boutique Gallery D (436 West 2nd St.) from 7-10pm! Dine on appetizers from Mulberry, create a cupcake with Delish, or sip wine & tequila (not together) to the sounds of Will Bridges. Plus, score 20 percent discounts on spring and summer merchandise!

CharityBash Benefiting YMCA of Austin

7-10pm at Lanai Rooftop lounge @ 5th and Congress, $10
Benefits YMCA of Austin, who strives to enhance the lives of men, women, boys and girls in the Austin community, regardless of race, creed, age, economic circumstances and physical or mental abilities, by providing quality programs, activities and facilities which develop and maintain opportunities and help individuals.

Competition Unlimited’s Beer Pong Tournament

6pm at G-Cue Billiards (300 Hesters Crossing, Round Rock). The first Beer Pong tournament in the state of Texas offers either a cash prize or an entry to the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas. (That’s 4 nights for both players at the Flamingo as well as a chance at the first prize of $50,000!) The tournament is Double Elimination, teams of two. Entry is $40 per team, payable at There is a 32 team limit, so register quickly! The WSOBP rules we will use are available at

Due to TABC regulations, they’re playing with water cups, but that also means that 18-20 year olds can play. G-Cue charges a $5 cover for under 21. Contact Matt Stephans at or 512.947.6288 with any questions.

April 16, 2009

More Thursday Happs

If you can’t make it out to Westlake for Tidbits, don’t fret: three other Thursday happs should keep you entertained, fed, and liquored up for free.

903Theresea Open House & Art Show

5-9pm: drinks, DJ, art show & giveaway! See two green, mod homes and enjoy free drinks, food–including new Cupcaker L’s Cupcake Cafe–music, and art show.

Ligne Roset Opening Reception

6-8:30pm: The first-ever Ligne Roset concept store in Austin is opening this Thursday in the 2nd Street District.  Ligne Roset is a furnishings company based in France making its debut in Austin. Free St. Germain’s specialty cocktails infused with elderflower liqueur. RSVP here.

Ligne Roset flyer

1/2 Price Day at Little Woodrow’s on the Drag

3pm-2am: Half-price EVERYTHING at Little Woodrow’s. 100+ beers, bottles, draft, can, mimosas …  3-7p is Happy hour and you can combine the two to get even cheaper beer. What?!

The regular Thursday night special is Giant Mug Night with $4 domestic & premium drafts. $3 mimosas. Half price applies to this too–Little Woodrow’s is practically GIVING BEER AWAY. Geez. Do it.

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