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January 31, 2011

Aspen: or, El Jebel Really: Sushi Ya Go Go [Updated]

[Update: The second time was better than the first! I had an outstanding white tuna sushi and they made me a RICELESS El Jebel roll! Love them even more:]

Riceless El Jebel Roll at Sushi Ya GO Go

It’s no secret that I love sushi. However, it struck me that in Aspen I am undeniably landlocked the day I drove past a company advertising itself as “Midcontinent Storage.” CONTINENT! Not midway or midwest or midTexas, but midFREAKINGcontinent. Needless to say, sushi, even if it’s flown in daily, is just not the same.

And it’s expensive.

But there’s a great hole-in-the-wall (not always good for sushi) downvalley option called Sushi Ya Go Go that really everyone should give a shot. They have one of the most innovative sushi dishes I’ve tried in popcorn tuna:popcorn tuna sushi aspen

Tuna wrapped in seaweed and tempura fried. 8 pieces, $8. Incredibly delicious.

They also have a fat, delicious roll called the El Jebel Roll. It has three types of fish, veggies, and roe on the outside. YUM! We ate it before I could snap a pic. Whoops! It was $10ish?

Below are two more sushi pieces we tried, but I wouldn’t really recommend either of them. The yellowtail sashimi was ok, but like grocery store sushi okay. So not really okay for a restaurant. The mahi roll included cooked mahi, which sort of defeats the purpose of sushi. Should have known there’s a reason no one else ever offers mahi.

Also, their prices were sometimes awesome ($6 roll!) but other times oddly expensive ($16 spider roll?). If you can resist temptation, you can eat sushi for cheap!

If we go back, the Vermonster and I will only be ordering popcorn tuna and El Jebel Rolls. Oh, and Purple Haze Sake. Because … well, it’s called Purple Haze Sake. Why wouldn’t we??

60 El Jebel Rd Ste 103, Carbondale, CO 81623-9842


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