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June 16, 2010

Austin: Just what I’ve always wanted–a drive-thru at Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is now offering a “high-touch, personalized drive-thru experience” at its South Lamar location. Anyone who has been to the S. Lamar locale will immediately wonder, as I did, where the eff did they put that?! Never fear, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is better than that.

Here’s how it works: patrons simply pull up to the curb, where a friendly Coffee Bean attendant stands ready to take their order. Moments later, another CBTL attendant brings the perfect beverage or a fresh pastry or bakery item of their choice. Speaking of pastries, not that I encourage eating them–but if you’re going to have one it might as well be free–CB&TL is giving away a free croissant or bagel with every “drive-thru” order this week! Today through Friday, 7-11am, buy some coffee or tea and get a free brecky biscuit.

Lest frequenters of the North Lamar locale feel left out, while they aren’t doing a new-fangled drive-thru, they did introduce a DELIVERY SERVICE a couple months ago. With a $15 minimum, no one has to make like Anna Wintour’s assistant and lug coffee trays–a CB&TL pro can do that for you. For now you have to be within a half mile radius of the corner of North Lamar & 38th Street, and you can order Monday thru Friday from 9am to 3pm.

Also, file it under Austin and Aspen are so inexorably linked, yet another person has written in telling me that they grew up in Colorado but moved to Texas but will always love Colorado. This one lovingly wrote “Even though I married a 10th generation Texan and will therefore never live in any other state – I still very much consider myself a Colorado Granola Girl. :)”

So there you have it. Curbside service at SoLa CB&TL, deliver at NoLa CB&TL, and everyone loves Austin & Aspen.

April 28, 2009

Cookie Dreams

I ate the cookies too fast to even photograph them.

Let me explain: I’m out at a food blogger happy hour at parkside (delish) and I meet this super-stylish girl named Alexandra. Turns out she owns the cookie company I’ve heard great things about but never really understood: Alexandra’s Cookie Dreams. The confusing part is that you can’t buy ACD anywhere in Austin, but they’re made in Austin. Don’t fret, though, because I didn’t realize what a baby this company is–barely a year old! So while the online portion of the biz is booming–and I mean a mention on Rachael Ray booming, not just any boom–the distribution in local stores is just getting started. When Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf opens in June, her cookies will be available there. Back to the point: sweetheart that she is, Alexandra has a box of a dozen cookies (2 cookies of 6 varieties) delivered to my house the very next day.

The fella and I proceed to sample almost every flavor. If I only had 1/2 of each, that isn’t too gluttonous, is it? My favorite out of those was the “simple” Double Stuffed Chocolate Nightmare, “A chocolate lovers dream! Chunks of Callebaut milk chocolate and Ghirardelli© semi-sweet chocolate are layered and stuffed into a vanilla cookie that is chewy on the inside with a crispy outside.” The fella enjoyed the Peanut Butter Bliss the most.

However, I didn’t discover the true gem until the morning, when I decided that it was totally appropriate to eat a cookie for breakfast, since it was named The All-Nighter. Surely something designed to keep you awake can also legitimately substitute for a cup of coffee in the morning? They say: “The chocolate, espresso, cayenne punch is created by first melting Ghirardelli© semi-sweet and un-sweetened chocolate; Illy© dark roasted espresso powder and salty hand-cut walnuts are then added to create a delicate, chewy mocha cookie that is finished with a welcomed jolt of red cayenne pepper.” I say: hot damn if I didn’t eat both of these cookies that morning.

So I ate all the cookies before I could photograph them to share with you guys. My bad. But take that as the greatest endorsement I could give? The woman behind the cookies is as awesome as the treats themselves, and she uses all natural, no preservatives, local ingredients and companies as much as possible, just all good stuff. Until they’re in stores, hit the website to order cookies online … you don’t even have to tell anyone, so you don’t have to ‘fess up when you eat them all (for breakfast) and don’t share with your friends.

March 2, 2009

Dishalicious > Eating Good

Here I present to you a smackdown of home delivery food services. Disclaimer: I have tried both Dishalicious and Eating Good only once each.

Dishalicious is a division of Spoon & Co. Catering, and Eating Good is the home-run operation of Melissa Good (ha).


Ordering: online. Super easy.

Delivery: to my house, in a cooler. No scheduling necessary.

Food: Delicious. I had free-range brisket in a wine sauce with a smattering of potatoes, plus cauliflower “couscous” and sauteed greens. Everything tasted great, was really well seasoned, and the cauliflower couscous was just crumbled cauliflower made to imitate couscous–so smart, so healthy! They use local farms and dairies whenever possible–love it.

Cost: $32 for entree and 2 sides–dinner for 2, which means $16/person.

Biggest Pro: Taste is excellent.

Biggest Con: They don’t always offer whole wheat or whole grain options.

Eating Good

Ordering: email. Easy enough.

Delivery: to my house, but I had to leave out a cooler or ensure that someone would be home. Additionally, I had to pay $1 for each container that my food was delivered in. These are reusable, but if you never use the service again, you just paid $1 for the really cheap bad tupperware that never closes all the way.

Food: Made for calorie-cutting, portions are small and good, but not great.

Cost: $11.50 for salmon and tiny salad–small lunch for 1 person.

Biggest Pro: Healthy

Biggest Con: Still hungry

Smackdown: By ordering selectively from Dishalicious, you can get healthy foods that are super-tasty!

September 16, 2008

From Ultra Lounge to Cookie Lounge

You know Austin is big when we have an Ultra Lounge (Pangaea) AND a Cookie Lounge. One of the top 10 pastry chefs in the nation, Mark Chapman, former executive pastry chef at the Driskill, schemed up Cookie Lounge as a customizable cookie shop and delivery service.

Here’s the main draw: customers choose from six cookie dough options and more than 30 mix-ins–from M&Ms and marshmallows to more indulgent ingredients like French chocolate, goji berries, sundried cherries, and toasted pistachios sprinkled with sea salt. You can even design gluten-free oatmeal cookies!

Though the place doesn’t open ’til mid-October (sorry to get your hopes up), it will also be a kick-back destination with cozy work spaces, free wi-fi, french-press coffee, and hand-spun milkshakes. Plus, the Cookie Lounge will offer locally farmed milks in a variety of fat contents, from double whole to skim milk, as well as other options like soy and almond milk–I’m super-excited about that! You can barely find locally-farmed milks at grocery stores, much less restaurants! In West Campus, it’s sure to become a UT fave.

Entrepreneur-backer Artie Rogers says of the concept, “Most sweets just turn up the notch on sugar, but Mark pays great attention to ingredients and knows how to add an element of sophistication to a good, old-fashioned cookie.”

Dedicated to eco-friendly business, Cookie Lounge provides cookie delivery services throughout Central Austin with a fleet of human- and electric-powered mopeds.

Start working out now, mid-October will be here before you know it …

September 2, 2008

Tiff’s Treats North Opening

The north location of campus-fave Tiff’s Treats doesn’t officially open until Saturday (and on Saturday, a dozen cookies are just $2, with proceeds going to Make-A-Wish and random prizes dropped in cookie boxes, so every purchase is a chance to win!), but rsvp to and you’re in to the preview, where you get free milk & cookies tomorrow (Wednesday) night.

The flyer:

June 25, 2008

Tiff’s Treats to Open a North Location

Tiff’s Treats is a local legend among college students, famous for their deliveries of hot, fresh cookies. I had a friend whose date sent her a box a few hours before their date one time …. precious. Anyway, I’ve only had them once and thought they were good enough, but not just to-die-for like everyone says. (See yelp–they love ’em over there!) I hear lots of offices get them delivered as well, to brighten up the office atmosphere–or bribe their workers. Whichever.

The new store in North Austin is set to open late summer or early fall, and will allow northern neighborhoods to take part in cheap Tiff’s Treats deliveries rather than the more expensive courier service currently used to deliver outside the downtown delivery zone (from 1st to 29th between I-35 & Mopac and from 29th to 51st between I-35 & Lamar).

Tiff’s Treats also offers brownies, ice cream, milks, and all sort of accoutrements like balloons and patterned boxes. And I recommend signing up for their mailing list: once a week they send you coupons, and that’s it!


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