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January 22, 2009

Thursday Scion House Party

Frankly, I’m confused about this Scion House Party thing. I know they’re supposed to be the pulse of the U.S. underground dance movement, but this House Party is at Beauty Bar … oh, you mean House like the music? Gah, I’m such a music dummy. Is anyone else going to see Sublime cover band Badfish this weekend? Because that’s my style …

Anyway, RSVP at for the Thursday night show 10pm–2am at Beauty Bar. The Juan MacLean and Still Going (Rub ‘n’ Tug, Manthraxx) hit Austin’s Beauty Bar with opening DJ Ian Orth (Learning Secrets) for “a night of classic four-on-the-floor club thumpers.” Whatever that means.

October 21, 2008

Techno Tuesday

So I’m not a big fan of techno. I know there are cooler–and more specific–terms for it, but I just call it all techno. House, trance, drum-n-bass, whatever. It’s techno. (Electronic music is the proper term, alright? please don’t send me hate mail) BUT I have some good friends who are djs and obviously love the stuff, so here I am. Go see them play tonight. And truth be told, it CAN be great to dance to, so I don’t HATE it. Anyway, this is beside the point. The point is:

Tuesdays (not just tonight!) at 10pm at Plush

Drum n Bass featuring Loki, John-e-Glock, T-Junglist, Chichi


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