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August 24, 2010

Aspen: Physics and the art of attracting a mate

Yeah, a free public lecture from the Aspen Physics Institute on finding true love entitled Birds do it, Bees do it: Physics and the art of attracting a mate.

Lecturer Eric Dufresne wants to know how things work. His laboratory investigates the physics underlying materials and biology. On a given day, you could find him studying the motion of a tiny plastic ball suspended in water, filming a grasshopper jump with a high-speed camera, watching paint dry (it’s actually really interesting!), or studying how immune cells fight off infectious disease. Eric is excited to be sharing his current research on how birds and other animals use physics to attract mates. hosted by Aspen Center for Physics at 6:30p, Wednesday August 25 in Paepcke Auditorium behind the Music Tent.

Free dating advice? Always a win.

June 19, 2009

Dating and Style Workshop at Saks on Saturday

So this is a new twist on the fashion shows that often occur in Austin: include a workshop on Dating and Style! From 3-5pm on Saturday, Shuronda Robinson, an entrepreneur and Life Mastery Coach, and Marjorie Burciaga, noted local image consultant and a freelance writer for Austin Woman Magazine, will present a workshop that covers:

* Dating etiquette for men and women;
* How to dress for a date;
* A fashion show with the latest styles for ages 20s thru 50s, with celebrity models

The workshop will last about 40 minutes. During the rest of the time you can enjoy cocktails, refreshments and door prizes. And Saks is giving 15% off any purchase.

Event is free, but please RSVP to

October 4, 2008


I try not to write about things in advance, because when I read about cool things too far in advance, I say, “oh, that’s cool, I want to do it” and promptly forget about it. BUT there are some exceptions: when you have to buy a ticket/race entry, or when I’m super-excited about something, or when both conditions are true.

Enter the SkirtChaser 5K. It is ridiculous.

The premise: women (all wearing skirts, part of your entry fee) start 3 minutes ahead of men, run a 5K, then enjoy a crazy afterparty complete with dating games, food, booze, fashion show, etc. I didn’t get to do it last year when it was at the Domain, but this year I’m so looking forward to it–it’s at Rogue on 5th & San Marcos.

Chase some skirts! Run away in a skirt! Whatever, it’s just gonna be awesome.

June 5, 2008

Speed Dating

So apparently we haven’t had speed dating in Austin before? I don’t know, as I meet all my dates in the gym or in the bars, but Speed Date Austin is welcoming itself to town with a party at Gruv this Friday night. The registration is full, but you can get on the wait list–and I’d bet you have a good chance of getting in off the wait list.

June 06, 2008 @ 8:00-10:00
Speed Date Austin @ Gruv
– Special Event
Come join us @ Gruv this Friday to officially welcome Speed Date Austin to the Austin area. Always great music and drink specials provided. Hope to see you there!!!
Cost: $0.00

Then, their actual events (the whole 6-minutes, 10-dates affair) start June 11 and are hosted at Cork & Co. They’re arranged by age, so that ensures you’ll only meet people of the “right” age range. I think this sort of thing is cool–I can tell in 6 minutes whether I’d like to see someone again or not! I just don’t think I’m needing a date so much that I’d like to actively look for one. If you are at that point, however, Speed Dating seems like a good choice to me!


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