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January 20, 2009

Blondes v. Brunettes Happy Hour!

The invite for the Blondes v. Brunettes Happy Hour Recruitment Party is up! Click here to RSVP, you’re my guest!

The last BvB party at The Ranch was a crazy-good time–packed full of people, free drinks flowing all night. While this Thursday‘s event is a little more tame–happy hour from 6-8pm–and a little more serious–you gotta commit to playing & raising $250 for Alzheimer’s Association of Austin–it promises to be no less fun than the last!

So beyond being awesome because it’s a powderpuff football game pitting blondes against brunettes, the BvB is a really cool event because young people–that is, 21-to-30-year-old young professionals–are the ones organizing EVERYTHING, soliciting all the donations, raising all the funds, planning, playing, and coaching. This (our, my) age group is still finding its way and looking for things to believe in, to contribute to, and this disease, Alzheimer’s, will or has affected everyone. It’s an amazing place/cause/moment for people to rally, and of course it’s gonna be hella fun to play!

Join today as a player, coach, or donor. Contact me personally at if you’re interested in underwriting, sponsoring, or donating in any way (that includes prizes!). At least buy a ticket to the game–a mere $20 bucks!

Mark your calendars for May 16, 2009. It’ll be epic.

Blondes vs. Brunettes

November 7, 2008

Tonight is the Night! Blondes vs. Brunettes!

The event I’ve totally been pimping for weeks on end (is anyone sick of me hyping it yet?) is finally here! BLONDES VS. BRUNETTES KICK-OFF PARTY is tonight! I am so pumped.

You’ve got to pick up your wristband before 5pm today or you won’t get access to the free bar tab! Or get to skip the line at The Ranch. Obviously so worth it.

If you haven’t been reading my blog/the Outlaw List/Glossy, here are the details:

Blondes vs. Brunettes Kick-Off Party for Powder Puff Football features a coach/player bar tab. You will receive a Ranch wrist band for the launch party to get to the front of the line and the tab. The Ranch is our BvB official headquarters for all our team and post game happy hours. The game and practice emphasis is total fun. The girls really play, the guys really coach, and real referees work the game.

This event started in Washington DC as an opportunity for singles and young married couples to “do something” to help stop Alzheimer’s. The events, to date, have raised over $250,000 for Alzheimer’s education, support and awareness.

October 27, 2008

Blondes vs. Brunettes

Blondes vs. Brunettes is an epic battle of football prowess pitting the blonde vs. the brunette … raising money for Alzheimer’s research … and it’s coming to Austin this spring!

We all know how much I love flag football, but this gonna be even better! Already a success in Houston, Dallas, and DC, the charity football game is legit–months of practices, real coaches, intense training. I just can’t wait!

November 7th (two Fridays from now) is the official kickoff party at The Ranch. RSVP here: and there’s also contact information if you’re interested in playing or coaching!

Get involved with this event somehow, it’s gonna be incredible!!


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