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July 30, 2012

Flash-Sale Shopping from JP Selects

How cool is this? An eco-friendly flash-sale site I’ve been loving called LovingEco joined forces with a website called JP Selects, which was founded by sometime Austinite, entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria. John Paul DeJoria is the co-founder of Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Spirits.

John Paul and his wife, Eloise, believe that each of us has a daily responsibility to make the world a better place. With the philosophy that “Success Unshared is Failure”, John Paul has launched JP Selects, a site that will bring a multitude of ethically-concious brands to public attention. Every brand on JP Selects is vetted and tested by their team to ensure the quality of their products and the sustainability of their production. To further help emerging brands reach a broader audience, JP Selects also provides support with global distribution and logistics.

They’ve even created a handy guide to help you see what the products supports!

eco icons


With all the Good Shopping options out there—Give + Get, Pure Citizen, Cause-PoweredEco-Awesome, or Fair Trade—I’m thrilled to share with you all a close-to-homegrown place for goodies! Sale durations vary, so it’s a little different than traditional flash-sales, but it’s a great resource for good stuff!


July 20, 2012

Austin: Breaking News, H&M is coming!!

h&MBut not ’til this fall so you don’t actually get to purchase the teeny bikini shown here. Hennes & Mauritz, or H&M, or “achay y emmeh” as it will always be known to me as my first H&M visit was in Madrid where I was living, will open its 24,000-square-foot outpost in the Domain in the fall, offering women’s, men’s, children’s (newborn to 8), accessories, maternity, and lingerie.

There are 6 H&Ms within the state of Texas and more than 2,500 stores in 44 markets around the world.

This announcement simply confirms the rumors that have long swirled around the city. While I do advocate good shopping by shopping locally, resale, and all that Austin-y stuff, it is nice to have access to affordable, trendy pieces—and there are some great designer collabs coming up! Get excited!

More info:

June 11, 2012

Austin: Turtle Summer on Barrio Sixth

turtle racing in austin

All four Austin-area locations of Little Woodrow’s will host a 12-week turtle-racing extravaganza. June 18 through Sept. 3, each of four Little Woodrow’s will host weeknight turtle-racing events: Tuesdays at Southpark Meadows, Wednesdays at Parmer Lane, Thursdays in Bee Cave, and Fridays on Sixth Street.

A testament to turtle tenacity, the Little Woodrow’s turtle-racing events pit six quick-footed turtles—each donning stickers with designated numbers that represent their sponsors—in a caged race to reach one of six sponsor buckets at the outer-lying edges of the race cage. Place bets on which turtle will win and get the chance to win prizes including T-shirts and Woodrow’s bucks.

star barrio austin

Join West Sixth staple Star Bar for their summer Star Barrio from 4pm to 2am every Thursday starting June 14.

FREE nacho bar starting at 7p and drink specials including barrio favorites Mexican Bulldogs, Mexican Beer, Ghost Pepper Tequila, and Palomas. Happy Hour 4-7p with additional drink specials all night.

More summer fun:

Sunday: Geeks Who Drink at 7p / $10 combo with Yumi Burger for a burger and an adult milkshake$3 local drafts

Monday: All-Night Happy Hour

Tuesday: Texas Tuesdays / $3 local drafts and $3 Deep Eddy all night

Wednesday: Wine and Cheese Night / Complimentary Antonelli’s cheese plate (three artisan cheeses, charcuterie, organic grapes and waterwheel flatbreads) with all half or full bottles of wine

January 19, 2012

DIY: Updated Home Office Desk Table

I’m busy setting up my home office space in preparation for the big project I’m in the middle of launching right now. Instead of a traditional desk, I wanted a giant table so I could spread projects out. I went to the Habitat Restore and picked up a $25 table, then took to it with purple spray paint.

Here are the pieces (leaf and table top, legs removed):

spray painting the table purple painting purple table

Unfortunately, there was a little mishap with some melting snow, so it ended up creating a really cool water-splashed look on the top of the table. With DIY, I never expect perfection and embrace the unique designs accidents give me.

snow issue

Using screen + snuggie to block more snow from melting onto table while it dries … getting creative …

snuggie protector

Badass workspace!

home office with purple table

November 25, 2011

Aspen: Winternational Red Bulletin Dine Around Weekend

And just like that, off-season is more or less over in Aspen. Sure, the next few weeks will be slow-ish, but this weekend is JAM-PACKED with events like any other summer or winter weekend, thanks to the 2011 Nature Valley Aspen Winternational Audi FIS Alpine World Cup.

Basically, the fastest women in the world (downhill ski racers) are racing Saturday & Sunday November 26-27 down Ruthie’s, with spectators and a village at the base of Aspen Mountain at Lift 1A. There’s a big screen TV for action you can’t see, and prime viewing of the finish line from the grandstands. It’s an awesome experience, even if you just stop by for one racer, you need to go.

Saturday, make sure you plan to attend the launch of the Red Bulletin, where Lindsey Vonn will be signing autographs and beer flows like … well, you know, it’s an open bar.

Red Bulletin Launch Party


Then take your autographed self over to the Gondola plaza for the  first Bud Light Hi-Fi Concert Series of the season featuring Cowboy Mouth.

Cowby Mouth Aspen

All that spectating and partying will likely leave you hungry, so be sure to snag an incredible deal through The Bud Light Dine Around Aspen now through next Thursday, December 1st, from 6-9pm every night. Top restaurants offer special Winternational prix fixe menus that are even better than their off-season deals. Can’t-miss: Matsu’s bento for $30.

Dine Around Aspen Deals:

Ajax Tavern / Distinct American Bistro / $28
BB’s Kitchen / American Classic Fare / $30
Elevation / Modern American Cuisine / $28
Jimmy’s / American Restaurant & Bar / Dining Room: $28 / Bar: $12
L’Hostaria / Italian Cuisine / $30
Matsuhisa / Gourmet Japanese Seafood & Sushi / $30 Lounge Only
The Red Onion / American Southwest / $25
Syzygy / New American Cuisine / $30
Ute City / American Classics with European Flavor / $30
Zocalito / Latin Cuisine / $26

August 17, 2011

Cameron Hughes Obsession + $25 coupon!

As someone who once wrote email marketing newsletters for a living, I like to think I am immune to sales pitches. I clearly am not.

When Cameron Hughes told me that his new Lot 228 Muscato d’Asti was the ultimate summer wine, something resonated with me. I promptly ordered 3 bottles.

Cameron Hughes Lot 228Cameron Hughes Lot 228Cameron Hughes Lot 228

And then drank two of them in three days.

I can’t believe I just admitted that. However, it only has 7% alcohol (most wine is between 13-14%), so at least be comforted by the fact that I wasn’t wine-drunk for three days straight.

My mom has long been a Cameron Hughes fan. She’ll tell everyone and anyone—including strangers at Costco—how much she loves Cameron Hughes. He basically buys overstock of really great grapes, bottles them, and then won’t tell you where they’re from so the Mondavis of the wine world can’t get mad at you. He’ll tell you everything else though, and his wines are cheap. My 3-bottle sampler was $39 with free shipping!

Click here to get $25 off any order of 3+ bottles!

June 28, 2011

Rent the Runway Review (hint: I love it)

If you’re not a Gossip Girl watcher, you might not have seen Rent the Runway in action (Juliet uses it to look like she actually has money to buy designer clothes). Think Jennifer Hudson using Bag Borrow Steal from Sex & The City. No? Maybe I’ll just ‘splain myself: Rent the Runway is a dress-lending site where you browse for dresses by any number of factors—style, occasion, color—and they mail you the dress. You rent it for 4 days, then return in a prepaid padded envelope. SUPER EASY!

I tried it for my college roomie’s wedding last weekend. I was in the wedding, so I had that covered with a splashy maid of honor dress, but I needed something for the rehearsal dinner.

I ended up ordering 2 dresses, afraid that while I loved the first, it wasn’t going to be flattering on me. Dresses range from $40+, but it’s only $25 to rent a second style. They also send you two sizes, if you want, to make sure you’ll get a dress that fits.

Halston Heritage dress rent the runwayYumi Kim dress Rent the Runway

I was right; the yellow dress wasn’t in fact flattering on me (something about long legs and a short waist?). But luckily, the floral Yumi Kim was super cute!

yumi kim rent the runway dress

we do too – it looks adorable! RT @lifeinaustin I loooove my @RentTheRunwaydress!!
In reply to…
I loooove my @RentTheRunway dress!!

Everything about my Rent the Runway experience was great. The package arrived a day early, with all four dresses (2 sizes of each) zipped into a garment bag, perfect for immediate travel. The dress was awesome, and I felt glamorous and pretty during the rehearsal dinner—and in all the photos!

Sunday, I simply slipped the dresses back into the mailer and dropped it in a mailbox. The experience was flawless; I honestly cannot wait for an excuse to use Rent the Runway again!

April 19, 2011

EXCLUSIVE JewelMint Discount Code!

Where can you buy something as edgy as earrings that are chained to a cuff AND something as whimsical as a stack of zig-zag multicolored bracelets?

JewelMint Chain Reaction earringsJewelMint Havana Bracelets

Because I haven’t talked about JewelMint enough… (check out my Liberty Ring) NOW you can use the EXCLUSIVE thisislifeinaustin promo code to get 50% off your first order … that’s a smokin’ hot new piece of jewelry for just $14.99!

USE this Link: enter Promo Code: ThisIs50 (you must use that link for the promo code to work)

Reminder: JewelMint is collections are designed by actress Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter. Each month you’ll receive personalized jewelry recommendations and style advice. Membership is just $29.99 per month. Shipping is FREE, returns are hassle-free and if you don’t find something you love, SKIP THE MONTH within the first five days FOR NO CHARGE. There’s no obligation ever.

Give it a shot: & enter ThisIs50 at checkout. Let me know how it goes and what you buy!!

April 13, 2011

JewelMint: A Review of Membership (or, I love the Liberty Ring)

JewelMint. I admitted I bought it here. You can sign up here.

Because then you could receive this beautiful little package in the mail:


jewelmint box

Then, inside would be this ring:

liberty ring from jewelmint

Which would look just dazzling on your finger:

jewelmint liberty ring

It’s a subscription service, but it’s easy to refuse a shipment for the month, easy to customize your selections, and most of the designs are super cute. Everything I’ve gotten so far has been of good quality—not the best, but certainly not the worst. I’m a huge fan of the service for trendy pieces I don’t have time to look for in stores.

Get your JewelMint on here.

February 16, 2011

Aspen: Mountain Naturals $6.50 Burger

Burgers aren’t hard to find in Aspen (LOVE Belly Up’s double and sweet potato fries!!) But burgers under $10? Rare. So when Mountain Naturals, the crunchy store in the ABC, announced lunch specials like a $6.50 burger, I had to check it out.

Mountain Naturals burger Aspen

Served on an english muffin with as many toppings as you’d like, the grassfed local burger is delicious. It’s not huge, but it’s good. I ate it sans muffin:

Paleo Burger Aspen at Mountain Naturals in AABC

Still delicious like that. That speaks to the quality of the meat, the flavorings, and the perfect cooking technique!

I took guests that were in town to lunch here and to the airport immediately after. It was the perfect send-off! They also happen to sell frozen free-range breaded chicken tenders, something I’ve NEVER seen before, and one of the best trail mixes I’ve had (up front by the registers).

I lived in ABC for 5 months and never ate at Mountain Naturals … don’t let that happen to you! Take advantage of a little hippie store gem in the ABC and stop by.


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