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April 21, 2011

Your Coffee Life is About to Change: Chameleon Cold Brew

chameleon cold brew coffee austin

Yes, this little bottle will change your life.

Are you hip to the cold-brew trend? Cold brewing is all the rage in coffee circles, namely because it reportedly yields a cleaner taste with less acidity and less heartburn- and stomach-injury-inducing qualities than hot brews. Some say the antioxidants are much better, others aren’t so sure. Regardless of the health benefits, the flavor is totally different.

The super sweet folks at Chameleon Cold Brew recently let me try a bottle and let me tell you, I was instantly hooked. This stuff is amazing! Fresh, clean, strong. Chameleon Cold-Brew is steeped for 16 hours using only 100% organic, fair trade Arabica beans and filtered water. I tried it hot and cold; with cream and black; it’s delicious no matter what way you serve it.

The cold-brew coffee ($4-$5 for 16-ounce bottle and about $9 for 32-ounce) is available at Whip In, Fresh Plus Market on West Lynn, Thom’s Market, Hyde Park Grocery, Bennu Coffee, the Corner Market at the Domain and several Royal Blue Grocery stores. Soon it’ll be online (I can’t wait!), as soon as they figure out the right way to offset the environmental impact of shipping. Gotta love that in a company.

Want to cold-brew your own? Smitten Kitchen has the super-simple how-to.


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