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May 31, 2011

Give me two pair … I need two pair … Eco-Friendly Shoes

In college, I was a little bit of a sneakerhead. I rocked Nike Dunks, searched high, low, and ebay for velcro adidas (I still have ’em), and lusted after shelltoes (Nelly’s Air Force Ones? My anthem). When I moved on to the professional world, much of my sneaker collection went too—after all, you can’t wear sneakers with a suit.

Fast forward five years and I’m working from home and coaching CrossFit … sneakers have a place again! While I will admit that I haven’t bought either of these badass eco-friendly shoes (and for a cause at that!), I have to share them with you:

Oat Shoes

Oat Shoes, 149 euros. Made of hemp, bio-cotton, cork, and biodegradable plastics. When you’re done, plant them in potting soil and they grow red wildflowers (the seeds are in the tongue) while biodegrading within six months. No joke. Awesome. Check ’em out here: Oat Shoes.

Cause Shoes from FedEx

Cause Shoes. $54, 100% of profits from this shoe donated to lower 9th ward New Orleans group Common Ground Relief.

Civic Duty footwear is made of Tyvek®, a comfortable, breathable material made by DuPont that is also water resistant and highly durable. Most commonly used as a wrap to protect housing from the elements, you may also know it as the same material that is used on FedEx envelopes.

Cause shoes are made with glues and dyes that are environmentally friendly. Packaging is made of recycled materials.

Go forth into the world, eco-friendly sneakerheads!


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