Revealed: The Big News is You Are My Celebrity

December 27, 2007: this is life in austin enters the world with a post talking about how I don’t like blogging. Hrmph.

Little did I know how many amazing opportunities would come my way as the result of a little blog I was once ambiguous about all grown up. Countless friends, business deals, free things, and clients would come my way via this is life in austin (and aspen)! I hope you’ll stay with me on the next step of the journey: You Are My Celebrity.

you are my celebrity

You Are My Celebrity celebrates glitz, glam, and the gym like a celeb. Celebrities take care of themselves—it is their job after all—and we could all take a page from their book of putting themselves first. This blog is still about enjoying life, doing awesome things, loving whatever it is you’re doing, and being grateful for it all—without being location centric.

Click on over to for all the deets. + will redirect to next week, so update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, or memories now!


One Comment to “Revealed: The Big News is You Are My Celebrity”

  1. Awesome! Excited for the new launch. You are my celebrity!

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