Feel Good Friday 071312

Feel Good Friday is a roundup of the things that made me feel good or that I’m grateful for all week. Join me and leave your Feel Goods in the comments!

  • Sunday TAD (Typical Aspen Day): King Yoga Flow + Ute Hike with 2 pups + Sunbathing at the Sky Pool
  • Serendipitously booking the same flight to Austin as my bestie in Denver … drinks and giggles on the plane!
  • Austin. Seriously, it’s always busy and I can never see everyone I want to, but I love coming home.
  • Two great workouts with two awesome girls!

See last week’s Feel Goods here.

One Comment to “Feel Good Friday 071312”

  1. – Finally get to see Willow Lake!
    – Having weekends off from work. I spent way too much time here not fully getting to enjoy the people and environment surrounding me.
    – Celebrating a friends last few days in Aspen
    – Dirtbiking the high country.
    – Kayaking for my first time this year! The river is actually flowing well.
    – dictionary.com! I always like learning new words #nerd haha

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