Fresh Summer Hair Looks

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The lingering residue of my past as a beauty editor is that I’m constantly experimenting with beauty looks, BUT I can’t ignore my roots as a ponytailed, low-maintenance jock either. Summer is the perfect time to start playing with hair, and I’ve been experimenting quite a bit recently. (Last summer was all about colored tips, and I kinda miss mine). I’ve been trying to wash my hair less while wearing my hair in ponytails less, styling it differently (flat iron curls), and using dry shampoo.

One of the biggest surprises I’ve found in my experimenting is that a certain amount of sweat gives hair lots of body***. What?! Awesome! This is workout-level sweat, not Bikram Yoga-level sweat. FYI: My hair is long, layered in front, thin but lots of strands, and tends to get greasy without maintenance. Here’s a rundown of my new weekly routine.

Day 1: Au natural. Wash with chemical-free shampoo. Let air dry. Twist in a bun, switching the bun’s twist direction every thirty minutes or so—not sure this step is necessary for everyone, but my hair needs it to balance the waves the bun creates.

Day 2: Styled. Possibly leave as-is. Possibly curl with flat iron for super-bouncy curls, use lots of Garnier hairspray (remember, the ends of your hair are dead, if you’re going to use chemical products, here is the best place) which holds but is still soft and touchable.


This is the hair, and the bestie, that started my personal foray into the straightener-curling trend …

Day 3: Thank you, hairspray. Slept-on flat-iron curls brushed out give hair nice body and wave, courtesy of hairspray.

Day 4: Sporty-style. Casual-cool braids, a pretty pony, or depending on sweat level, some dry shampoo (or baby powder) to reinvigorate the previous day’s ‘do. This is the embrace-summer day, where you let hair be messy and maybe even a little greasy in the name of summer ease.

Day 5: Time for a wash. Repeat!

What’s your summer hair routine? Any tricks to keep your hair fresh without washing?!

***I recently discovered a major caveat. I wrote this post pre-trip-to-Houston and was immediately reminded in greasy fashion that perhaps I have not increased my hairstyling prowess, I’ve simply moved to a more hair-friendly climate (read: no humidity).

3 Comments to “Fresh Summer Hair Looks”

  1. What kind of chemical-free shampoo do you use?

    • I’m still experimenting around! Right now I really like Andalou Naturals (find at Whole Foods, about $9/bottle) but am also trying Acure Organics (I love some of their other products, not sold on the shampoo, also available at Whole Foods). I love John Masters and Intelligent Nutrients shampoos too, but neither is 100% clean. Let me know what you try!

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