Get Happy with Me at DailyHap!

I teased you guys hereherehere, and here, and it’s finally HERE!

Daily Hap logo is a website designed to create a community of happy people and encourage people to openly, genuinely pursue happiness. It will guide people to Achieving Happiness 1 Day at a Time through a daily action item.

It is also my labor of love, my grand adventure, and now that it’s live, what will consume my life.😀

We’re launching with a really cool campaign called Penny for Your Thoughts, where a visit to the website donates a penny to Austin Smiles. Sign up for a profile, and contribute Your Two Cents, another two pennies to Austin Smiles. Three cents donated for very little effort! We want to show you that it can be as easy as a click to start on your way to happiness.

What are you waiting for? Click on over to DailyHap and get happy!

9 Comments to “Get Happy with Me at DailyHap!”

  1. LYSSA! Congratulations! I just spent a few minutes clicking around DailyHap, and I’m all in. I *just* gave notice at my dayjob and am pursuing my blogging and cookbook empire 100%. I’d love to do an interview with you about DailyHap sometime soon. Hugs of happiness to you!

  2. “Something went wrong” when I tried to create my profile. (I noticed a pop up saying my password didn’t match confirm, when I had not entered anything in confirm, twas still blank).

  3. WAY cool! Love it. If you want an interview about BalconyTv Austin
    (As that makes ME happy) I’m in. BTW..congrats Mel:)

  4. GREAT website, Lyssa! Fun And inspirational! Just passed it along to my daughter and a few 20-something friends I mentor about the nonprofit world.

  5. Yeehaw! Happier just for seeing the site in action

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