Feel Good Friday 111111

Feel Good Friday is a roundup of the things that made me feel good or that I’m grateful for all week. Join me and leave your Feel Goods in the comments!

It’s a lucky day, right? 11-11-11!

QT with my Houston cousins

Suede protector! I tweeted asking for recs and found out there are suede brushes AND sealants! Now all of my suede shoes are protected from the intense weather that is an Aspen winter.

suede shoes

who knew I had so many suede shoes??

Kale, dried cherries, and parmesan cheese

Pickup basketball is back in swing! I’ve missed playing:-)

A stellar surprise phone call leading to an impromptu visit from a bestie next week! So excited.

This monkey is asking the same questions as me: How does this thing work??


See last week’s Feel Goods here.

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