Cameron Hughes Obsession + $25 coupon!

As someone who once wrote email marketing newsletters for a living, I like to think I am immune to sales pitches. I clearly am not.

When Cameron Hughes told me that his new Lot 228 Muscato d’Asti was the ultimate summer wine, something resonated with me. I promptly ordered 3 bottles.

Cameron Hughes Lot 228Cameron Hughes Lot 228Cameron Hughes Lot 228

And then drank two of them in three days.

I can’t believe I just admitted that. However, it only has 7% alcohol (most wine is between 13-14%), so at least be comforted by the fact that I wasn’t wine-drunk for three days straight.

My mom has long been a Cameron Hughes fan. She’ll tell everyone and anyone—including strangers at Costco—how much she loves Cameron Hughes. He basically buys overstock of really great grapes, bottles them, and then won’t tell you where they’re from so the Mondavis of the wine world can’t get mad at you. He’ll tell you everything else though, and his wines are cheap. My 3-bottle sampler was $39 with free shipping!

Click here to get $25 off any order of 3+ bottles!

2 Comments to “Cameron Hughes Obsession + $25 coupon!”

  1. Awesome deal — I love CH wines and was getting ready to place an order. Your article saved me $25! Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much! I just placed an order and saved $25. I’m thrilled. Thank you:)

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