Austin: Easy Tiger (or, another 24 Diner post)

I leave for a just a bit and return to a dino bone parking lot under 35 and more bars and food trailers in Rainey than I can count. Downtown is sprawling, and come May, there’ll be this year’s Eastside Showroom, a bakery and beergarden called Easy Tiger, sure to be the foodie-and-mixologist crowd’s new fave. At 709 E. Sixth Street, the two-story 1890s building played host to a few SXSW shows, but its final buildout will include a coffee shop, artisan bakery (retail and wholesale), sidewalk seating (so Euro, but on the east side …), with a beer garden and huge outdoor patio downstairs overlooking Waller Creek.

The folks behind 24 Diner (seriously, could they stop doing awesome things so I could stop incessantly blogging about them??) are largely responsible for all this goodness, plus famous artisan baker David Norman. 24 Diner executive chef Andrew Curren’s Easy Tiger menu will include smoked and fresh housemade sausages, house-cured corned beef and smoked pastrami, as well as homemade krauts, relishes, and peperonata.

Billy Caruso oversees wine and beer (local, natch), and designer Veronica Koltuniak (clients include Madonna and J. Lo) describes the look and feel of the space as “turn-of-the-century building meets end-of-the-century kitsch.” The Royal Tenenbaums are her inspiration.

Who else can’t wait for the gluten-goodness of beer and bread in May??

2 Comments to “Austin: Easy Tiger (or, another 24 Diner post)”

  1. Can’t WAIT to try this place! I’ve been looking for a good bakery since I’ve moved here so long ago and haven’t found one that even comes close to what I’m used to yet.

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