Aspen: BB’s Kitchen [updated]

BB’s Kitchen is Aspen’s newest top-floor establishment, and what a rooftop it is! It’s more like a complex: BB’s restaurant at the top of the stairs on Cooper Street, the BB’s lounge to your left, and a huge deck for sunning–when it isn’t snowing (it’s not open yet).

The Vermonster and I were lucky enough to snag some pre-opening breakfast nibbles, though I failed to post the blog before the restaurant opened so now this post is less of a teaser of what’s to come and more a description of what you, Aspenites, could enjoy for breakfast tomorrow. With me. 8am. (unreasonably early, blame the houseguests who want to ski a whole day.)

Menus: breakfast is horizontal, dinner tall. Check out the health square on the breakfast menu! So cute.

[Best ever] Bartender Dave suggested we start of with some monkey bread to share, so we did. It was ooey-gooey, sugary-sweet carbfully delightful. Make sure you’re skiing after this, it’s adding multo calories to your day.

Monkey Bread Aspen

For breakfast, I ordered shrimp and grits. Seemed a little odd to me too, but why not? The Vermonster ordered the spicy skillet, and he thought it was too spicy, but I loved it (well, the potato I tried). I am from Texas, after all. It wasn’t grassfed beef, though, so I didn’t eat any of it. Our mystery third person (the bartender’s girlfriend) ordered a waffle. I didn’t try it, but it’s pictured below in case you want to know about BB’s waffles. They offer a bananas foster with butter pecan ice cream version…

They’re not about calorie-counting here. They also make a variety of coffee drinks, grab-n-go tacos, and squeeze a ton of fresh juices, including the most delicious grapefruit juice I have ever had the pleasure of drinking in my life. It was so sweet that I asked if they added sugar and they assured me they did not. WOW!

That reminds me, I need to go get some more grapefruit juice from there … tomorrow.

[UPDATE] Farmer’s Omlette. More grapefruit juice. Delicious breakfast!

Farmer's Omlette at BB's in Aspen

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