Moonshine Brunch

So I’ve been talking about Moonshine’s brunch for over a month now, and finally went yesterday. It was awesome! We arrived around noon (the brunch runs 10-2:30), and they told us the wait would be about 45 minutes to an hour for a table of 5. We snagged spots at the bar and were seated in just 30 minutes–always a pleasant surprise! My friends sipped on bloody marys and scarlet mimosas (with pomegranate) and reported that they were delicious.

I, however, was saving all of my calories for the buffet. There are tons of options, and my vegetarian (but egg-eating) friend was every bit as satisfied as the rest of us. I had read crazy-good reviews of the white chocolate bread pudding, and while it was really good, it might have been too built up to live up to the hype. I preferred the cappuccino bundt cake, which was crumbly and moist–and I don’t normally like coffee cake. Eat dessert first?

Standouts from the rest of the buffet for me were the green eggs (basil pesto!) and the green chile cheese grits. I didn’t know I liked grits, until yesterday! They also had a cute little mini bagels, dill cream cheese, and salmon station that my friends took to calling the salmon nibblets, and they went back several times for more nibblets. They also had mini biscuits and gravy and mini quiche, which I liked because then you could try a little of everything without committing to a huge piece. The fruit and salad were also fresh and tasty, though I would have liked more stand-alone vegetables, not mixed into scrambles.

For $15.95, I was happy. I don’t think I’ll become a regular, but I’d love to go back. It was definitely a fun see-and-be-seen scene, with young professionals everywhere in their last-night’s-clothes finest. It’s worth the wait!

3 Responses to “Moonshine Brunch”

  1. I’ve been driving by this place for years. It looks like a nice downtown restaurant. The buffet price is a tad high but from the menu I’ll be happy.

    Sounds like a nice place to start a Sunday morning – although I won’t be waiting to see the people.

  2. Haha, I didn’t mean the people were worth waiting for–though really there’s nothing to do while waiting except people watch–I meant that the whole experience is worth the wait!

    Thanks for pointing out how important spacing and punctuation are to blog posts!😉


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