Polish Horseshoes

While camping this past weekend, a friend from Vermont introduced us to a game he calls Polish Horseshoes. A google search revealed that “polish horseshoes” apparently has something to do with washers … which are cool and all, but not an awesome new game I wanted to share with y’all.

For lack of a better name, we’ll keep calling it Polish Horseshoes, though it appears to bear no connection to Poland or horseshoes. You need two empty glass beer bottles, two ski poles, and a frisbee. Stick the ski poles in the dirt twenty to thirty feet apart and place the beer bottles on top (balancing them can be a challenge).

The object is to knock the beer bottle off of the top of the ski pole by hitting it with the frisbee. Three points are awarded for hitting the beer bottle, two for hitting the ski pole and causing the beer bottle to fall off.

Scoring: the receiving team can negate points by catching the frisbee or beer bottle. So if a frisbee hits a beer bottle (3 points) but the receiving team catches it, the throwing team only receives 2 points. If the receiving team catches the beer bottle and the frisbee, the throwing team only gets 1 point. Also, the receiving team MUST CATCH the frisbee, or the throwing team is awarded 1 point. Play to 11 points.

The catch: You must hold a beer/beverage in your hand at all times. Makes it much harder to catch that frisbee or beer bottle!

This is a GREAT camping game, but also good for backyards, barbecues, days in the park. The only trick is finding some ski poles … or a friend from Vermont.

UPDATE: Apparently, PVC pipes work just as well as ski poles! It seems like they’d make the bottle more stable, making it harder to knock off, but really, if you’re getting the frisbee anywhere close it’s probably not an issue anyway. Yay for a Texas-friendly solution!

9 Responses to “Polish Horseshoes”

  1. The actual name of the game is just Polesh™. recently a much better version of the game has been produced. It won’t leave holes in the ground like PVC and it has a cup on top for the bottle to rest on. Also, it comes with a disc that is extremely soft and accurate. Check out the website polesh.com.

  2. I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

  3. The name is definitely not Polesh, that’s like saying soccer is Nike soccer because you use a nike soccer ball. And who cares about a small hole in the ground, you should be more concerned about the trampled grass spots and the grass eventually dying if you play regularly without moving the poles. And it looks like Polesh uses a frisbee golf disc putter, not what you want to use. All you need is a cheap wham-o frisbee from target. (We use the 110g one) The wham-0 frisbee lets you through the frisbee in a variety of ways.

  4. My friends and i take the game to the next level. Play it after dark using an illuminated frisbee and put a Coleman glowstick in each beer bottle (use a clear glass bottle)


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