Making Friends Through Sports

I got an email today inviting me to a crawfish boil, and it reminded me how incredibly lucky I am to have formed the friend network I have so quickly. I moved back to Austin a little more than a year ago and have already established a group of really good friends, tons of other friends, and even more acquaintances–plus a serious boyfriend I just broke up with. Most of them I met through sports, or met through friends I met through sports. Maybe I’m just lucky to be athletic.

Moving back, I made it a goal to make a lot of friends. The only way I knew to do that was to join teams and get active, so I joined a football team and started going to a run club. There I made friends, some that stuck, some that didn’t. I went with old friends/acquaintances from my high school to play volleyball–a sport I never cared for or wanted to learn to play–and now play 2-3 days a week! Right now I play on four sports teams: a basketball team, a football team, and two volleyball teams (with mostly the same people–one is coed and one isn’t).

The point is that I’ve made awesome friends really quickly, and I have sports to blame/thank for that. Do other cities have Austin Sports & Social leagues? Because that has been instrumental in me finding friends. That and Zilker Park’s sand volleyball courts! Saturday mornings, starting at 10 am going as long as we last … VOLLEYBALL!

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